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Jul 12th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Jul 11th 2012
Jul 10th 2012
Sondre asked a question:

Enough calories and proteins to gain muscle?

After having been 8 months off, I've decided to get back on the SCD and give the experiment of renewing myself another go. There were several factors that made me quit last time: First, christmas...

Jul 9th 2012
Nov 11th 2011
Sondre replied to Gretchen Linden's blog post:

My cholesterol tests were very good!

Jesus, that's amazing! Great job? Was this your goal, reaching a lower cholesterol level? Did you do a test before you started SCD too?

Nov 10th 2011
Sondre replied to MerlinsAngel01's question:

Weigh and Measure - How often

Personally I´ve stopped weighing myself every morning and every night. I do every monday and every thursday, that way i can keep track of what goes on with my body during the week and during the ...

Nov 8th 2011
Sondre replied to MerlinsAngel01's question:

Feeling tired on the 2nd day

What you're expiriencing is low blood sugar. This comes from a reduction in the amount of carbohydrates your body is used to getting. I went through the exact same thing. For me it happende every ...

Nov 7th 2011
Sondre replied to frederiksk's question:

A bet about losing weight.

You could try doing a guerilla cardio workout every morning before eating breakfast. You need however to be very effective in the morning to make it possible. You have to complete the workout and ...

Nov 6th 2011
Nov 4th 2011
Nov 2nd 2011
Oct 24th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Need some help and guidence!

Hi everyone! Five weeks ago i started SCD, and the first three weeks were amazing! I dropped 3 % bodyfat, 3,1 kg fat and 0,5 kg muscle. However on my cheat day in my fourth week it went terribly ...

Oct 24th 2011
Oct 13th 2011
Sondre commented on Beorn86's reply:

I think I´m going to do the LOMAD. Having half when i wake up, and the other half before bed. I´m also going to eat a protein bar after workouts...

Oct 12th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Efficient muscle gain without fat gain?

On monday I want to start building muscle. I am a bit confused about how to eat to get the most efficient muscle gain while still gaining a minimum amount of fat. I am going to do Occams for 4 wee...

Oct 11th 2011
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Oct 11th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Cardio on SDC?

Hi! I´ll split this post in two. First of all an update from my part and a heads up on the 30g of protein upon waking up. Then a question concerning cardio on SDC. 1. Today I´ve finished my t...

Oct 10th 2011
Oct 9th 2011
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Oct 7th 2011
Sondre commented on 42Wired's reply:

Does swimming count for excercise og recreation?

Oct 4th 2011
Oct 4th 2011
Oct 4th 2011
Sondre blogged:

Results from week 2!

Hi again! So now i am done with my second week on SCD. I have to admit that when I first read about it I thought it was bullshit. I thought there was no way anyone could pull that of. Well Tim, i...

Oct 3rd 2011
Sondre blogged:

First week results!

Hi everybody! I just wanted to post my results on my first week on SCD. It has been a great week! These are my start out measurements: Weight: 76,9 kg Fat %: 18,7 % Fat mass: 14,4 kg FFM: 62,5 ...

Sep 26th 2011
Sondre commented on ambrummer's reply:

So the I should do the SCD combined with kettlebell swings and the six minutes abs?

Sep 20th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Startout confusion. Am I the only one wondering?

So I am now on my second day on SCD. My question is it possible to combine SCD with Geek to Freak, Occams protocal and six minutes abs? I want to drop a few percent of fat, but i also want to gain...

Sep 20th 2011
Sondre asked a question:

Are these meals ok?

Tomorrow I´m finally starting! This weekend I´ve used for preperation, and I´m feeling confident and ready. I´ve also made bet with my best friend who´s going to workout and eat "normall...

Sep 18th 2011
Sondre blogged:

Norwegian 20 year old looking for a new project

I was introduced to the book by a close friend who´s lived the past 2 years in Australia. I´ve always enjoyed both reading and workouts (i´m an ex swimmer), but the last to years i haven´t got...

Sep 14th 2011