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My 4HB Goal: Goal #1: Lose 22 lbs by my son's 2nd birthday party 04/20/13. Down 27 lbs by 6/4/13 Goal #2 Lose 40 lbs by teacher report day 08/26/13.





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    jhladki asked a question:

    Week 14 - 2 day cheat ... Ahhhh

    So I've been feeling so great... Clothes feeling better, down 27 total pounds, head held high, but I cheated for 2 days, yesterday and today, and I'm freaking out about delaying my progress. Anyo...

    Jun 8th 2013
    jhladki replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    Overdue for a check-in, Just hit a massive landmark!

    Juan, You are amazing! 100 lbs! Tremendous! This is my second start at SCD and I'm down 18, but am committed to this for life. Keep inspiring others and enjoy all the perks of your hard work! ...

    Apr 21st 2013
    jhladki asked a question:

    Worried about introducing exercise...

    Hi everyone, This is my second attempt at SCD. I'm excited as I'm down 15.4 lbs in a month! I'm ready to introduce exercise but I'm worried about gaining weight. My plan is to lift 2 times a w...

    Apr 1st 2013
    Jun 1st 2012
    Jun 1st 2012
    Dec 28th 2011
    jhladki blogged:

    January, mother, wife, teacher, coach, friend

    Hi all, I'm January. Mother of 2 boys, Carter, almost 4 years old, and Mason, 5 months. I'm a full time Spanish teacher, girls basketball coach and mother. I need to lose some baby weight as w...

    Sep 14th 2011