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My 4HB Goal: Drop the fat that has hung on me my entire life, and be there for my kids as they are growing up.







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    And pizza is my Tokyo! Love it.

    Sep 26th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to 42Wired's question:

    Fasting Blood Work

    I just had my yearly check-up and did the same thing. I skipped the PAG the night before, as I was not sure if it would have any effect on the blood tests. No food or water the morning of the chec...

    Sep 25th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to JoyMc's blog post:

    Week 4, Mom wins!

    Congrats! Never count out mom!

    Sep 24th 2011
    Sep 24th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

    Exciting! Blood pressure meds decreased!!!

    Great news! Hope you continue to improve and can get off the remaining medications.

    Sep 23rd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Vtine311's blog post:

    Halloween is around the corner!

    Hear hear! Whoever invented a holiday dedicated to collecting and eating candy was a genius! Genius, I say!

    Sep 23rd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Iaggu's tip:

    Mitigating Cheat Day Feasting.

    Sounds like a good idea and worth trying. I may give this a try myself, but getting the timing right to drink the fiber 30 minutes before a cheat meal may be too hard for a lazy and disorganized s...

    Sep 23rd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to ErnestoRiley's question:

    Ernesto Riley

    I have long held, in the face of serious opposition, that Ernesto Riley. So I also completely agree. Welcome to the site!

    Sep 23rd 2011
    Sep 22nd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to alexmc's question:

    Breakfast replacement shake 30g protein 12g fiber

    I don't think this is going to work well, but of course you can try it and compare your results versus the weeks when you were having a solid foods breakfast. Looking at the book under "Comm...

    Sep 22nd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to msgypsyjones's blog post:

    The Newbie

    Welcome! Good luck with the diet - this is a good community and should be able to help with any questions you may have. I am also living in Tokyo area and started the SCD almost two months ago. ...

    Sep 22nd 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to JMS610's question:

    Sweet craving

    I got over cravings at the start of the diet by instead eating a ton of veggies and drinking a lot of water. The water in particular seemed to dull the cravings to the point that I could mostly i...

    Sep 22nd 2011

    Sounds like a plan. I am trying the occasional breakfast of a protein shake (if you want to call it that - seems kinda silly to call unsweetened,...

    Sep 21st 2011

    I hear that. Amazing how fast the cheat weight comes off in the couple of days after. Seems to work even better if you drink a ton of water on yo...

    Sep 20th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to MatttC's question:

    Member Intro: A few weeks in and loving life

    Off to a great start! Keep at it!

    Sep 20th 2011
    Sep 20th 2011
    JamesAt15 commented on 42Wired's reply:

    Could someone please give us a reference to print or on the web where TF gave this 3:1:1 ratio? Because at this point it has the sound of urban l...

    Sep 19th 2011

    Are you wolfing your food down? You should also try eating at a slower pace and chew really thoroughly. I often catch myself eating too quickly,...

    Sep 19th 2011

    Ah, an old timer! I am starting to feel like one of those. Can't seem to find time to read much anymore. Seems to be getting a bit better as I ...

    Sep 18th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to 4hbnprog's blog post:

    4HB newbie

    Congrats, great start so far! I'm also impressed that you were in a bookstore and you read. That trait seems to be getter rarer these days!

    Sep 17th 2011
    JamesAt15 commented on 42Wired's reply:

    Oh, whoops, *iced* coffee. I haven't been trying with iced coffee, but it may still help to mix it with the cream first (if you take cream), and ...

    Sep 16th 2011
    JamesAt15 commented on 42Wired's reply:

    I do that as well. I also put the cream into the cup first, then add cinnamon and stir it up, then let the coffee drip down onto it. (I use one...

    Sep 16th 2011

    I am not sure - maybe we should both re-read those sections. I don't think there's any harm in doing them on non-cheat days. But I don't think t...

    Sep 16th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to kristenGs's question:

    suck it up and start over?

    Hmm, if you had several slip ups during the week then I'd think you won't see much of a benefit by doing a caloric spike yet. If I were you, I'd probably decide that this Saturday (or whatever yo...

    Sep 16th 2011

    Hmm, there was this article in Elle, at least on their web site. http://www.elle.com/Beauty/Health-Fitness/4-Hour-Body-Timothy-Ferri...

    Sep 16th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to qackmd's question:

    Anyone in Denver for a Denver cheat day?

    I wish I were back in Denver to be able to attend this. Wouldn't it be cool to do a group cheat day at a massive buffet, maybe like one of the ones in the Vegas resorts?

    Sep 15th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to arenee's question:

    I did it all wrong but......

    Congrats on a good job so far! If you're getting good results with your current diet, if you're used to it and can keep on it, I'd say stick with it and see how far you can take it. Once you hit...

    Sep 15th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to 42Wired's question:

    In Need of a Steak Marinade Recipe

    Hmm, I haven't tried any of these yet, but there are a number of marinade recipes on this page at Mark's Daily Apple. It's a Paleo diet web site, I believe, so you have to be careful about some ...

    Sep 15th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Ireland's question:

    A quick Thanks

    Wow, that sounds great! Glad to hear you have had such great results.

    Sep 15th 2011
    Sep 15th 2011

    Cool. I don't have a carbonation device so will buy some carbonated water on the way home and try it tonight. Wow, I don't think I have EVER bee...

    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Beaver's tip:

    Psyllium Husk hard to swallow for you?

    Wow, I really want to give this a try! Later that evening... I have to say... this really works. I am pretty surprised and pleased. I am occasionally taking an apple peptin fiber, which I tho...

    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to davemoniz's tip:

    automating meals and supplements

    Wow, this looks great. I was thinking about setting up something like this, but a bit worried it would make me feel like a hypochondriac!

    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to bigsnow1's question:

    I have had Headaches Help

    I had some minor headaches the first week, which I figured was just my body going through some withdrawl symptoms from things it was missing, like bread, rice, etc. I drank a LOT of water, which ...

    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to debujustin's blog post:

    Started 4HB in Feb2011

    Hey Justin, I live in Tokyo, too. I also just joined the site, though have been doing the 4HD diet and exercise for a bit over a month now. Keep at it! I imagine they'll let you change your scr...

    Sep 14th 2011
    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to haleymcmartin's blog post:

    Member intro: Desk job

    Welcome! I am new to the site too but have been doing the slow-carb diet for several weeks now and seeing pretty good results. I have been doing desk jobs for a long, long time now, too. Avoidi...

    Sep 14th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Boxman's question:

    Intermittent Fasting & Muscle

    How expensive is "extremely expensive" for protein powder? You may just want to order it from overseas and have it shipped there, if the difference is that much. Protein powder is also...

    Sep 13th 2011
    JamesAt15 replied to Jeremy Jones's question:

    Timing of Water, Breakfast, Exercise

    I sympathize! I get up early as well and still can't seem to get things done as quickly as I would like. I believe the exercises you listed (squats/presses/bands) are part of the damage control ...

    Sep 13th 2011
    JamesAt15 blogged:

    Member intro: James in Tokyo

    Hi all. I've never been in particularly good shape, but as I am getting into my 40s and now have two small (beautiful!) kids, I started thinking that I had better get my act together if I want to...

    Sep 13th 2011
    Sep 12th 2011