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    Bugzy replied to polio23's question:

    Why no exercise for the first 8-12 weeks?

    Actually, there is a physiological reason that has to do with cortisol and insulin. Exercise raises cortisol which, in turn, raises insulin. Unfortunately the insulin turns off any fat-burning e...

    May 11th 2013
    Bugzy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

    You look amazing already! I don't know of anyone on this site more consistent and committed to following the SCD principles as you are, and it certainly shows in your results. You've been an ins...

    Feb 19th 2012
    Bugzy replied to JemmaJolie's question:

    Huge Scale Fluctuations after Cheat Day

    Well done on your progress so far. I understand what you are describing and it is mainly a load of retained water. I experienced the same thing with massive bloating for a few days and had to cu...

    Feb 8th 2012
    Bugzy commented on justin's reply:

    Forgot to add, Tim Ferriss has something about IF in the 'Living Forever' chapter, p. 458-459 in my book.

    Jan 16th 2012
    Bugzy commented on justin's reply:

    Jack Kruse (http:\\jackkruse.com) talks about IF and leptin resistance. He's a neurosurgeon that has researched a lot about it and is very credibl...

    Jan 16th 2012
    Bugzy commented on 4hbwoman's reply:

    Sorry, that wasn't "you should know" as in "everyone knows this", but as an offering of information -- I didn't, until I start...

    Jan 16th 2012
    Bugzy commented on 4hbwoman's reply:

    You should know that the minute you start eating you stop fat metabolism. In order to maximise fat burn (and to reverse the impact that the standa...

    Jan 16th 2012
    Bugzy replied to Troutoil's question:

    Waking with a baby — When to eat breakfast?

    I've discovered an interesting thing in my own body hacking re: sleep and fat burning. I know from all I have read that the majority of overnight fat burn occurs in the last couple hours of sleep...

    Jan 15th 2012
    Bugzy replied to Silver007A's question:

    Anyone got a good pointer for "Brain" food/supps?

    Depends on what you are hoping that they will do. You can check out some of the threads in this link: http://jackkruse.com. He's a neurosurgeon, so knows brain physiology and links to nutrition. ...

    Jan 12th 2012
    Bugzy replied to townheadbluesboy's blog post:

    Member intro: townheadbluesboy@hotmail.com

    Hello, and welcome to the site! The 4HB/SCD plan should give you the "something simple" that you are looking for. I wouldn't be surprised if the no-while-carb intake is directly allevi...

    Jan 12th 2012
    Bugzy commented on Jake's reply:

    It's a British thing..... "mince" over here means "ground".... as in mince/ground beef, mince/ground turkey, etc.

    Jan 12th 2012
    Bugzy replied to mattgorman's question:

    Looking for ways to improve eggs and chicken quickly

    You can use salt to season, along with many other herbs and spices. I scramble mine and throw in curry powder or chili powder or some other combination to mix it up. Try Basic Baked Shrimp Fritt...

    Jan 10th 2012
    Bugzy replied to kris1228's question:

    Carb Cravings at night

    Hang in there, as those carb cravings will go away and probably not too much longer. Your body is shifting over into burning fuels a different way and it takes a little time for the adjustment. ...

    Jan 10th 2012
    Bugzy replied to beckwithjd's question:

    Adzuki and Mung beans??

    I'm not familiar with Adzuki beans, but Mung beans are certainly ok and are a higher source of protein compared to many other pulses . They need an overnight soak and a good bit of simmering, but...

    Jan 9th 2012
    Bugzy replied to Lexi_Tive_Roller_Derby_Queen's blog post:

    30 something Roller Derby Queen

    Hello, and welcome! I tried a reply earlier but it crashed out on me -- arghhhh! I think you'll find the 4-Hour Body diet and activities to your liking, and it can certainly help you to get to you...

    Jan 7th 2012
    Bugzy replied to Egreeson egreeson's blog post:

    Member intro: egree

    Hello, and welcome to the site! Feel free to post your questions and comments, maybe say a little about yourself, how long you've been doing SCD and what your goals are. Good luck!

    Jan 7th 2012
    Bugzy replied to JulieJ's question:

    All meat breakfast?

    The vegetables are important for the nutrients, and it doesn't sound like you are getting enough total calories in the day either. Satisfying, to have the 5-lb drop, but you are likely to be invi...

    Jan 7th 2012
    Bugzy replied to Christi's blog post:

    One month results!

    Well done, you! Those are really good results, especially considering it was over the holidays. Best thing is that you feel good doing it. Thanks for sharing your wins with us. PS: watch those inc...

    Jan 7th 2012
    Bugzy replied to abestratus's question:

    Anyone use the omron fat loss monitor?

    I've used one over the past 4 months, and have had the same experience you have. Measurements before and after exercise would differ because I shed some water weight by sweating. I've used the O...

    Jan 6th 2012
    Bugzy commented on Bugzy's reply:

    @gretchenlin yeah, I was already doing a Brazil nut a day for the selenium (one less supplement), but then found out about the chelation -- I thin...

    Jan 6th 2012
    Bugzy replied to theycallmejoe's question:

    Where does fish fit into your slow carb diet?

    I eat fish and seafood a lot. Prawns in my scrambled eggs in the morning, salmon fillets, fresh tuna steaks, mackerel and sardines in the can, whatever I can get my hands on. You would have to g...

    Jan 5th 2012
    Bugzy commented on Sam Green's reply:

    What is TLM?

    Jan 3rd 2012
    Bugzy replied to Maria Rider's question:

    Is there such a thing as too much protein?

    It would make sense to me that your rate of loss would slow down just from a BMR point of view. You are carrying, what, 80 lbs less that you were when you started? That has to influence your meta...

    Jan 3rd 2012
    Bugzy replied to HappyGranny's question:

    Upped morning protein to 60 grams

    Well done, you! I did the same thing starting in my second month, upping my morning protein to 50+ grams and adding coconut oil. It's part of the protocol for reversing leptin resistance and it do...

    Dec 30th 2011
    Bugzy replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    The Difference Between THIS Winter and LAST Winter

    Now you'll finally experience what Chicago is REALLY like in the winter! And this is a mild one -- just think what next year will be like!! (I just flew through there on the way to and from Minne...

    Dec 29th 2011
    Bugzy replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

    Post-cheat swelling and hunger?

    Yep, I put on water weight every time I do a cheat day or meal, and the more sugars and starches I eat the more water I hold. The cravings come back, too, if it's a big cheat, but only for a day ...

    Dec 29th 2011
    Bugzy replied to eli3841's question:

    Am I doing this right?

    You're 10 days in, you've lost 2.4 lbs, and you've lost inches everywhere except your thighs (most notably the belly). That's not a bad result. Have some patience, give yourself time to learn th...

    Dec 29th 2011
    Bugzy replied to mmcdonald's question:

    10 min cold shower

    I've been doing the cold showers from the start, over 3 months now, plus wearing a cold pack vest in the evenings. Invigorating, and I've stopped having to blow out a string of expletives at firs...

    Dec 22nd 2011
    Bugzy replied to ZacharyG's question:

    Shrimp in the SCD?

    I throw them in my scrambled eggs in the morning, as it helps boost the proteins up to 30g. Also, good source of iodine for optimum thyroid function and 2-3 times/wk offsets any need to supplement...

    Dec 21st 2011
    Bugzy replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

    cabbage is this ok to eat dont see it on the not allowed list

    Should be more than ok, should be excellent! It's a cruciferous vegetable, same family as broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

    Dec 20th 2011
    Bugzy replied to Joelle Hochstedler's question:

    Beans=stomach ache. Anyone else?

    If beans are giving you stomach pains, then your body is telling you something and I think you should listen. There are substances in them that irritate some people's gut, and one of the reasons ...

    Dec 20th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Bugzy's reply:

    Great, there's lots of green to choose from. I just happen to love spinach, else I would have ditched it long ago!

    Dec 19th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Bugzy's reply:

    Also, it might help if you post your weight/height/goals since your starting point also makes a difference.

    Dec 18th 2011
    Bugzy replied to aimesoehappie's question:

    Why do I feel like I'm getting fatter?

    It would be easier to guide you on what you might do differently if you would post a typical day's meals. Most times it is not the activity that needs tweaking straight off, it's the diet. There...

    Dec 18th 2011
    Bugzy replied to Beorn86's question:

    Martin Berkhan on 4HB

    Martin is fanatical about his own approach, and in what I have read on his site I've found he and his 'followers' pretty closed to any other approaches or ideas. That's okay. It's something to w...

    Dec 18th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Bugzy's reply:

    I've had the same one every day for over 3 months now, but I actually look forward to it. I get my variety later in the day. Amazing really, sinc...

    Dec 17th 2011
    Bugzy replied to 42Wired's question:

    [WebMD] The Truth About Bread

    The problem with the article is that it puts forth so much of the "conventional wisdom" regarding the nutritional value of grains, and whole grains in particular. Problem is, SCD is coun...

    Dec 16th 2011
    Dec 16th 2011
    Bugzy replied to fba's question:

    Stalled and sick of spinachs and eggs

    I just posted an entry about when a stall isn't really a stall. It helps if you are measuring more than weight, since body recomposition is a main part of the focus of the 4HB plan. What I found...

    Dec 16th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Beorn86's reply:

    If you score on that account, let me know and I might be able to find something comparable in or around London.

    Dec 16th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Beorn86's reply:

    DEXA would be the ultimate measure, but I haven't found a place over here that isn't linked to a doctor's referral. That said, I haven't exhauste...

    Dec 16th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Beorn86's reply:

    At the moment, I'm using an impedance scale under identical conditions each time. Not the most accurate for actual measurement, but not too bad f...

    Dec 15th 2011
    Bugzy asked a question:

    When is a stall NOT a "stall"?

    This is a rhetorical question, actually, that has an answer. I have been scratching away for 5 weeks to whittle away a measly 3 pounds. Hovering at one weight for days, then dropping a smidge, t...

    Dec 15th 2011
    Bugzy replied to PeteC's question:

    Slow carbon diet exercises without kettlebells

    I've started using the routines in this HIIT site http://www.maxcapacitytraining.com/ that was in one of TeaLove's posts. Nothing but body weight, and I'm finding a few new muscles to burn.

    Dec 14th 2011
    Bugzy replied to LikkleNitty's question:

    Perfect posterior workout - is morning or evening better?

    Interesting, that the linked article suggests several reasons why late afternoon exercise is better. Consider the following quote from this article: http://jackkruse.com/so-you-completed-the-lept...

    Dec 14th 2011
    Bugzy commented on Jake's reply:

    @Jake If you end up testing it, I'd be interested to know how it works for you. I, too, did the combination based on researching it but my N=1 sa...

    Dec 14th 2011
    Bugzy replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

    cissus what does it do does it help with weight loss?

    Others may have had different experiences with CQ. I tried it for a total of 5 weeks. Four of those 5 weeks were the lowest weight loss of the entire 3 months, darn near stalled most of it. So my...

    Dec 13th 2011