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My 4HB Goal: My goal is to lose 88lbs which will get me to a healthy weight. As vain as this sounds, I want to buy the clothes that "I" want to, and not the clothes that just fit.







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Hi Leo, I also don't have health insurance, so I pay for it out of my pocket. For me, it's well worth it. Instead of buying clothes, I spend it on...

Jun 25th 2012

Oh, and I experienced this meaness, and the delay each and every month on SCD.

Jun 9th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Leogurl's question:

Menstrual Cycle Changes- Totally Miserable

I noticed that I became really really mean while having PMS, or even all through out my period. My poor husband, I almost ate him. I spoke to my naturpathic doctor about this for myself, and I ind...

Jun 9th 2012 were taking two of "these". What was the "these"? Is it magnesium? Thanks.

May 27th 2012

No, they were cinnamon flavoured toothpicks. Very hot to the mouth, so it actually made me breathe deeply, which mimicked the effects of the smoki...

May 8th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to warrendodge's question:

I hurt both rotator cuffs doing kettle ball swing

I have had this issue from competitive swimming too many years ago. It was aggrivated a few years ago, and just again when I went to purchase the kettlebell. In the past, I would just not move it ...

May 8th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to 42Wired's question:

Trouble Viewing Site

I had the same thing. It's back to normal now. Glad to see that I was not the only one.

May 8th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Ireland's question:

DOMS - after non standard sport

Here is my lifesaver. It's a homeopathic remedy. In Canada, its now available at the Drug Store. It comes in a cream that you apply topically, and it works if you give it some time. It also comes ...

May 8th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to tweaky's question:

Back on the Horse!!

I agree. Toothpicks either flavoured with mint or my favourite...cinnamon. This actually helped me quit smoking a few years ago.

May 3rd 2012

Definitely! You could do oregano, lemon and olive oil. Or, balsamic vinegar and olive oil or just melted salted butter. You could add some garlic ...

Apr 27th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to klclark's question:

Canned vegetables?

Try to buy fresh! You need the live enzymes in your body. How about brocoli, spinach, cawliflower, a head or lettuce and cabbage? These are probably the cheapest veggies you could possibly buy? Ho...

Apr 27th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Charley's question:

Who is still here from Jan/Feb?

Hi, I have been on slow carb since September of 2011. For the first four months, I was able to lose 26 pounds. January and February, I was completely on and then off track. Been back on since mid...

Apr 27th 2012
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By the way, thanks in advance.

Apr 26th 2012
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Brit, Did you do any kettlebell swings. I have a total of 88 pounds to lose, and have lost about 30 lbs thus far following SCD. I did kettlebells ...

Apr 26th 2012
Apr 26th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to mkr6taclai's question:

just completed my first kettlebell swings

I told myself so many times that today would be the day to start the swings.....and funny thing, I started mine today too! Good Job to Us!

Apr 25th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to chrisburneko's question:

Can't seem to get out of this stall

Our livers need to do a lot of extra work to lose the fat. The supplements that Tim recommends help with this. In addition, drinking lemon with water also helps alng with eating dandelion greens. ...

Apr 22nd 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Camden Chelios's question:


Hello, R-ALA is the natural version whereas ALA is synthetic. Although more expensive, R-ALA is more effective, if the price is agreeable to you. However, I have also found that if I do not take t...

Apr 18th 2012

Thanks for the reminder. In the past chilli flakes would cause's worth a try again. My own little experiment!

Apr 16th 2012
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You are not wrong at all. For myself, I would be tempted to use is everyday. I still struggle with this too.

Apr 16th 2012

After a Massive Cheat Day.......I just started this last week. I had no breakfast (just coffee), a light lunch, and a regular sized dinner. Yester...

Apr 16th 2012
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I can't believe I'm going to say this....I wish I pooped so much!

Apr 14th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to angelbrenda's question:

Re: Quick Breakfast Ideas?

I know this may sound funny......but I'll share it anyways. I eat on the road all the time, and try not to wolf down food. When It comes to eggs, I do eat these on the road. I am not a breakfast p...

Apr 14th 2012

This sounds really tasty, thanks. I think I might add some avocado and cilantro!

Apr 14th 2012

Wheat Belly is a great book. I have only read the first few chapters, and I think by the time I read the whole thing, I will have a funeral for th...

Apr 14th 2012

Awesome! I prefer eating red & green lentils, and they have the lowest GI! Thanks for posting.

Apr 12th 2012
Apr 12th 2012

I just did an experiment, as I have now just been able to stomache the 2% cottage cheese, and even if I eat a whole cup, I will still lose (just n...

Apr 12th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Farrahmayleigh Knight's question:

I messed up with corn

Don't worry about it. It's not as bad as eating a slice of bread. I haven't eaten any corn while following SCD, but do recognize that it's higher in sugar. At the same time, it also offers a lot o...

Apr 11th 2012

That's great! You can do it!

Apr 11th 2012
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Apr 11th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to unnamed's question:

Constipation issues (don't judge)

I have had a serious issue with this as well (only when comlying with SCD), and have posted about it here. I have received a number of pointers. There are a number of things you can try: - Eating ...

Apr 11th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Gerzie's question:

I am positive I am doing something wrong...

I agree with Graham. Water is essential and whey protien shakes are a no go. You may also try not eating a whole can of beans at once. What if you were to break up that can between lunch and dinn...

Apr 10th 2012
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I kicked my lifelong gum addiction. I found that as I chewed, I felt more and more bloated and I felt that there was air going into my stomache (n...

Apr 10th 2012
BabyDolphin blogged:

Made it to My Pre-Pregnancy Baby #2 Weight

Today was my weekly weigh in date (I track my daily, weekly and monthly progress with a spreadsheet), and I am so happy to share my news. I have lost 30 lbs, and have made it to my baby #2 pre-p...

Apr 10th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to bigwoz's question:

Missing: 35.2 pounds. If found, do NOT return to me!!

You look like a new person. Keep it up and congrats! That's great motivation for the rest of us!

Apr 9th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to ashleeis's question:

I am Gaining.. what am I doing wrong?

Here's a few suggestions: - Cut our the splenda or any beverage that has "diet" in its name. Replace Splenda with Stevia, if you need the sweet. In terms of drinks, I do drink "Ulti...

Apr 9th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Kris tohm's question:

Question for those who take PAGG

You need to listen to your body. This does not seem like a pleasant reaction. Are you taking each supplement separately? If not, I would try that first. I do think we need liver support and extra...

Apr 9th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Patzzz7's question:

It begins... Again...

Long story or not, it's still a story. We all fall off.......the best part though, is that you are back on track! Best to you!

Apr 5th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to unnamed's question:

How do YOU guys deal with cravings?

I get my worst cravings at night. I drink a decaf chai cinnamon tea with a tiny bit of stevia and cream!

Apr 5th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to yasmintabley's question:

Week 4 and nothing ?? :-(

Everything looks pretty good. Two points to consider: 1) Juicing is not ideal on SCD. Carrots and Beetroot have a great deal of sugar in them. In fact, I have even heard that some distillers make ...

Apr 5th 2012
BabyDolphin replied to Joelle Hochstedler's tip:

Slow Carb Dark Chocolate

I just found this. Thanks for posting. I'm going to try your alterations on the cookies, and can see how this would be tasty! I can see how they would be really nice with almonds or walnuts.

Apr 4th 2012