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luke asked a question:

DEXA Scan Results

So.... I got my first ever DEXA scan - my baseline. Apart from %bf what should i be looking at? Can I use this to focus my program? Anyone have any good resources for using all the information ...

Sep 13th 2011
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Hey mate! Sorry it took me a bit to figure out how to work this site. Funnily i am an electrical engineer. You would think i would know how to us...

Sep 13th 2011
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you can ignore my "gimme a shout" cry for help....

Sep 13th 2011
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Hey! I finally figured this page/blog thing out.... Must be brain dead when i get home from work. Thank you for the welcome and thank you for addi...

Sep 13th 2011
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Sep 13th 2011
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Engineer. Too long in front of desk. Time to get fit healthy and well

Sep 8th 2011