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Hey TeaLove, Thank you for the awesome feedback this is really helpful. I'll up my water and protein intake and yeah I don't feel like I'm eating...

Sep 30th 2011

I forgot to ask... what is G2F?

Sep 30th 2011

Yeah I think you're definitely right. I just figured with my 16 hour days on the computer, simply changing my diet would get rid of that fat. It s...

Sep 30th 2011

Thanks for your comments, just updated my post with my meals

Sep 30th 2011

Thanks for the FAQ. You say to eat less than 1.5 cups of legumes a day? I thought legumes were fine in any quantity. I don't think I'm over eating...

Sep 30th 2011

Hey thanks for your comment. I agree with you I think I may just need exercise to get rid of that belly at my height and weight. I know I'm not so...

Sep 30th 2011
romastaflex asked a question:

Been on SCD for four weeks...No visual change

Hi, Hoping I can get some help here. So I've been following everything to the T in terms of the diet specifications (no supplements + no exercise, just straight diet plus cheat day). I'm a 23 y...

Sep 30th 2011

There's a possibility your medicine might be factoring into it, but I remember Tim stating in the book that if you're having headaches that it's 9...

Sep 14th 2011
romastaflex blogged:

Hello from Jersey

I've been trying to lose that annoying belly fat for some time now with hitting the gym on and off, and attempting to eat healthy. Now it's time to actually do it. Just finished day one, and excit...

Sep 8th 2011