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My 4HB Goal: To go from 200lbs to 170lbs







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I agree with the above! Best of luck

Sep 24th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to MentalTrap's blog post:

Before and after: 3 months 32 pounds

Good for you! this post has definitely spurred me on..... Thanks for the inspiration

Sep 24th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to lisa_a's question:

2 cheat days a week

I had two cheat days this week as I had two birthday parties in town and no carbs was not an option due to set menus..... I still lost 1lb this week but had lost 3-4lbs a week previously.

Sep 19th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to ak0330's tip:

Minimize binge day damage with prunes

Will try this week, sounds like a good idea, plus I now have a craving for prunes!! Will update on any results (Don't worry no pictures!)

Sep 18th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to JoyMc's question:

Pareto stack-how much to order?

After looking at various options my pareto nutrition PAGG just arrived today, very excited to start. I shared a 6 month supply with my buddy at work, enough for 12 weeks each but should take 1 we...

Sep 7th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to thestix's question:

Bod Pod in the UK, measuring body fat

The closest to you is in London at various Univesities, I looked at them, (around £50 a time) and decided that although one of the better methods it is not practical. You want to be able to trac...

Sep 6th 2011
Snicksnacksnook replied to Rano_pano's question:

Kettlebell T-Bar alternative supplies in the UK

I looked all over DIY stores etc for all the things needed to make a homemade version. After realising that a member of the A-Team I went on Ebay and found a 20kg kettle bell for £29..... Consid...

Sep 6th 2011
Snicksnacksnook asked a question:

New member: Snicksnacksnook - Week 0-2

Hello all, decided to put my modest attempt down in words to keep track. 28yrs M London,Uk - 5'9" 200lbs Read the book and decided to give it a go! Week 0 - 200lbs...

Sep 6th 2011