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My 4HB Goal: Drop down 30 lbs and and 20% bf Started at 218lbs 35% bf





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MatttC replied to Fatguylittlecoat's question:

Keep building muscle mass and lose fat?

Hey, First off wow with your results so far! Good for you dude! To be honest the SCD isn't really a low-calorie diet. You can eat all the protein that your body requires, and you shouldn't real...

Oct 17th 2011
Oct 7th 2011
Sep 27th 2011
Sep 25th 2011
MatttC replied to BabyDolphin's question:

Difficulties in the Washroom....Assistance please

Hey there, I had very similar issues as you in the first 3 weeks of the SCD. I was eating legumes all 3 meals, and water intake was over 4 litres a day. But no matter what not much was happening....

Sep 25th 2011
MatttC replied to Vtine311's blog post:

Cheat tomorrow

Always gotta love when Saturday rolls around, tomorrow I'm going out for Greek food for my cheat dinner, can't wait...Saganaki (fried cheese set on fire when brought to your table), calamari, and...

Sep 23rd 2011
Sep 23rd 2011
MatttC commented on JamesAt15's reply:

Thanks! Also want to add giving up the weekend binge drinking probably has helped out a lot as well! Although I do enjoy myself on my cheat days ...

Sep 20th 2011
MatttC replied to ckcreations hansen's question:

2 month Update with pics

Wow that's awesome progress...Where along are you now with your goals? I'm hoping for similar results as you so far 3 weeks in and down 8 lbs, but def have put some lbs on with hitting the gym and...

Sep 20th 2011
MatttC asked a question:

Member Intro: A few weeks in and loving life

Hi Everyone, I picked up a copy of the 4 hour body about a month ago and have been at the SCD for the past 3 weeks, incorporating the gym for the past 2 weeks. A little intro: as a active person...

Sep 20th 2011
MatttC asked a question:

Why aren't my posts showing?

I have asked a couple questions, as long as a couple member intro posts, but none ever appear. I keep on getting the status bar saying I need to be picked up by a team...Someone please add me lol ...

Sep 20th 2011
Sep 19th 2011