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My 4HB Goal: To reach my goal I set back several years ago (almost reached a few times) and stay there. Another goal of mine is to be a great new husband and father.







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imginom commented on Lisa Moses's reply:

Here is what I ate this past Thursday ( Cheat Day) Breakfast - French Toast with Cream Cheese Icing Snack 1 - Half a bag of corn chips with sals...

Sep 3rd 2011
Sep 2nd 2011
imginom replied to alex's question:

Salsa alternative for breakfast?

As someone who even before starting the SCD diet eats alot of eggs, i feel you on the blandness of eating eggs every morning unless you spice it up with something. I also for some reason(maybe whe...

Sep 1st 2011
imginom blogged:

A Fat Kid At Heart

My name is Gino Montalvo and I'm 28 yrs old, recently married and expecting our first child in mid October 2011. I've struggled with weight loss for the large majority of my life. I can still reme...

Sep 1st 2011
imginom asked a question:

"Cheat Day" on a Thursday?

Cheat Day Question: I know most people would prefer to have their cheat day on Friday or Saturday to kick off the weekend....however I work for a radio station and EVERY Thursday we go to awesome ...

Sep 1st 2011