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My 4HB Goal: To lose weight and control my food addiction.





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laraste replied to wearewhatwerepeatedlydo's blog post:

Newbie getting started

Welcome! We're about on the same page--I'm 5'7", 210 and hoping for 160! That first week is'll shed the extra 4 pounds.

Aug 31st 2011
laraste replied to LoLo's question:

Do you have any fast food Slow Carb solutions?

My go-to fast food Slow Carb meal is a Jimmy John's unwich--a lettuce wrap Club Lulu, usually, sans cheese and other slow carb no-nos, of course, with extra avocado.

Aug 31st 2011
laraste commented on odac25thka's reply:

Sure, subway goes just fine as long as you skip the bread and chips, of course! You can make any of their subs a salad.

Aug 31st 2011
laraste commented on JJJ's reply:

Thanks! I tend toward protein shakes in the morning, but I also do eggs and spinach when I have the time. I need to try harder to start with rea...

Aug 31st 2011
laraste commented on justin's reply:

You are absolutely correct about that. My body, I think, and partly my mind, likes being a size 16. I'm a classic case of obesity in Appalachia,...

Aug 31st 2011
laraste replied to LoLo's question:

slow carb desserts

I reread the diet section of the book a lot, and I just reread the bit about sugar-free Jello for a late night sweets craving. Those are ok, but I am also a sweetaholic, so I've concocted somethi...

Aug 31st 2011
laraste blogged:

4 Hour Slacker

I've been trying to follow the 4HB diet now for a few months, but I am a terrible snacker and carb addict, and I end up cheating much more than cheat day. Then my cheat days are just one long ins...

Aug 31st 2011
Aug 29th 2011