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chopsticks replied to filipn's question:

Slow-Carb Cookbook

Nice find!

Sep 12th 2011
chopsticks commented on Kao's reply:

haha thanks for the reply. ill try the potassium but video games are more likey to keep me up all night

Sep 9th 2011
chopsticks commented on wombat's reply:

I have read the book just not well enough i guess. I'm still getting used to the cold showers and the shower isn't at its coldest and i only do it...

Sep 9th 2011

hey, thanks for the reply. I have the book and i've read the parts on diet a couple times. i just dont know exactly what a carb or a slow carb act...

Sep 9th 2011
chopsticks replied to natalijasaver's question:

Too much kettlebells?

Hey I was reading this section last night before i went to bed its on page...oh darn my kindle doesent show the page number but its in the section Occam's Frequency and it says the bigger and st...

Sep 7th 2011
chopsticks replied to dupemaster's blog post:

Taking my body back

one thing i got from the four hour body book was that you have too look outside of the box and do things differently then everyone else i often find myself laughing in the middle of a cold shower...

Sep 7th 2011
chopsticks replied to islandartist's blog post:

Member intro: islandgirl

try experimenting with different flavors if you get bored of food early welcome! i'm also new also i think having a forum of people on the same diet plan as you will help you stick too it. wh...

Sep 7th 2011
chopsticks replied to username's question:

cold shower timing

I think the reason we do cold showers before breakfast is to get your matabolisim going before eating food.

Sep 7th 2011
chopsticks asked a question:

how important is breakfest?

okay so lately ive been skipping breakfest and having a big lunch peas corn chicken broccli and cauliflower is this going to stop weight loss? i'm trying to get my sleeping schedule right but mos...

Sep 7th 2011
chopsticks asked a question:

Member Intro:: Chopsticks!

Hey 4hourPEOPLe My name is Alex I'm a sophmore in college currently living in champaign urbana IL I'm excited to join the forum and get some help on my new lifestyle. so many of your posts hav...

Sep 7th 2011