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maryannryan commented on wombat's reply:

52 years old, lady time of month a thing of the past. eating to the letter .. protein shake in the am... mid morning.. hard boiled eggs and cut ...

Sep 2nd 2011

my measurements have not changed. i eat 4 meals a day, vegs, beans, some meat and use protein shake in the am. I am training fir a half marathon...

Sep 2nd 2011
maryannryan asked a question:

getting started now 3 weeks and GAINING weight

I am going crazy.. everyone else is losing we are eating the same. .and I gained weight and inches.. this is nuts. I eat 3 times a day.. stay in the right stuff.. walk 30 mins each morning and w...

Aug 27th 2011
maryannryan blogged:

Member intro: that last 15 after menopause

Looking to loose and keep off the last 15 pounds. Now with menopause, I am seem to be gaining on matter what I do...

Aug 27th 2011