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My 4HB Goal: I want to get under 200... which is about 50 to go! And in the meantime, use my cheat days to keep writing about beer.







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ericthirdrow replied to odac25thka's question:

Beginner's questions about the slow carb diet

Here's my attempt at an answer, but I'm new to this as well. Natural Cashew Kernel - In moderation Golden Raisins- I have a feeling this is not. - You are right! Sun Dried Figs-This seems too...

Aug 31st 2011
ericthirdrow replied to wearewhatwerepeatedlydo's blog post:

Newbie getting started

Best of luck to you! Don't get discouraged if the scale doesn't make you happy for a few days, just keep at it and enjoy your cheat days.

Aug 31st 2011
ericthirdrow replied to JoyMc's question:

Favorite color of lentils?

The only ones I find around here regularly are small whitish-green ones that turn a darker green when boiled. I boil them with a dash of cajun crab boil and they are delicious! Usually I eat the...

Aug 29th 2011
ericthirdrow replied to Ireland's question:

A quick Thanks

Well done! I hate giving up cheese too... but it'll be worth it.

Aug 29th 2011

Will do! I just read the ingredients in the Crystal Light packets I like so much... they have aspartame so I guess it's time to wane myself off o...

Aug 26th 2011
ericthirdrow commented on JJJ's reply:

The more I research, the more is seems like some cheeses like cottage cheese and lengthily aged cheeses like parmesan have basically no lactose le...

Aug 24th 2011

Have you gotten into lentils yet? They don't bother me at all, so now I'm eating a serving of them at at least two meals per day. A little hot s...

Aug 24th 2011

Have you tracked results drinking a beer at night vs. not drinking a beer?

Aug 24th 2011

This morning was a little more encouraging, but I'm still two pounds up from where I was to start cheat day#1. I also realized my mistake in eati...

Aug 24th 2011
ericthirdrow replied to Vtine311's question:

Partners? Challenges?

I'd love to help out. I'm only week 2 in and have a lot of questions and thoughts on this diet... and am always looking for different ways to eat enough legumes and vegetables.

Aug 24th 2011
ericthirdrow replied to eighdrose's question:

how do i cook 4hb food without lots of time?

I get home early from work so cooking isn't really an issue, but I still like to cook enough at a time for 3 or 4 meals and then save it for later. I then also use leftovers as part of other me...

Aug 24th 2011
ericthirdrow replied to sbrown's question:

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Without a doubt, fried chicken. I guess growing up on it is part of the reason I'm here and trying this, but it's hard to resist some good spicy popeye's chicken & biscuits.

Aug 24th 2011
ericthirdrow blogged:

About 50 pounds to go.

I was way up at one point, following some reconstructive knee surgeries and a lack of a proper diet. It turns out going from active and eating like crap to a couch potato and eating like crap is ...

Aug 24th 2011
ericthirdrow asked a question:

Cheese's role in the slow-carb diet?

Alright, I'm only halfway through week 2 of starting this diet, but I keep seeing conflicting information on cheese. During the first week I ate cheese with almost every meal. I'd add some to my...

Aug 24th 2011
Aug 23rd 2011