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My 4HB Goal: People sometimes attribute success to genius; all the genius I know anything about is hard work.







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End of 3 months down to 163lbs from 199lbs. Body fat has really changed since the end of month 2 which was 16%. Time to get serious going for the @...

Sep 6th 2011
slacker replied to zannix's question:

When Will I Burn This Off? (Picture)

If you cannot got your body fat measured atleast measure your self with a tape measure to track your progress here are some useful links.

Aug 31st 2011
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Geek to Freak Routine at Home

For anyone who wants to do the Geek to Freak at home instead of joining a gym, here's a version of the exercises you can do with just 2 pairs of du...

Aug 28th 2011
slacker replied to zannix's question:

First binge day - Is this NORMAL?

No you should be fine Prior to my 1st cheat day I had lost 5lbs after my 1st cheat day I gained 4lbs. I weighed myslef at the start of my second cheat day and I was down 3lbs so a total a weight ...

Aug 28th 2011
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Category: newbie supplies

Bosu ball to my knowledge only comes in 1 size but runs between $99 and $150. I use the swiss ball (stability) it comes in different sizes. I had a medium at home already and it was to large so I ...

Aug 28th 2011
slacker replied to newdad's question:

any advice for first binge day?

I drank a lot of water and went crazy gained about 4 lbs and stil lost weight before my next cheat day. After that my cheats have calmed down because I usually feel bad after lunch from the sugar ...

Aug 27th 2011
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Member intro: Excited but super busy new dad

As for the kettle bell try building a T-Handle 1st as described in the book. I'm glad I built it and still haven't bought a kettle bell yet. I had to make some modificaitons to fit me better so k...

Aug 27th 2011
slacker replied to LoLo's question:

Do you have any fast food Slow Carb solutions?

Baja Fresh Grilled Veggie Burrito (bare style) Minus cheese, rice & sour creeam Plus grilled chicken Both type of beans Salsa Qdoba Chicken Burrito (naked) Minus Rice,...

Aug 27th 2011
slacker replied to zannix's question:

Breakfast within 30 minutes?!

I'm just like you the snooze button is my friend I do not start the 30 minute clock until my feet hit the floor. (lost 30lbs in 2 months currently month 3 down to my last 5 to 10lbs) Are you reac...

Aug 26th 2011
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Aug 26th 2011
slacker blogged:

3 months into the diet (intro)

Hello all and greeting from Portland, OR I left college in good shape roughly 160lbs with about 12% body fat wearing size 32 pants. Once I started my career my physical activity went way down. So...

Aug 26th 2011