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My 4HB Goal: 70 pounds





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sharmour replied to RainingHands's question:

Down to 14.3% from 20.6% in one month!

Yes please, share your plan!!!

Apr 10th 2012
sharmour replied to jHarper's question:

Slow-carb diet for vegans?

Does anyone have fat loss success while including seitan and other gluten "meat" in your diet?

Feb 9th 2012
Feb 9th 2012
sharmour commented on Dana W's reply:

Thanks ElizaCat for the response! I would love to know more about your success and process. Would you be willing to share sample menus? I am searc...

Jan 11th 2012
sharmour asked a question:

Weight loss results with a vegan version?

I am vegan and have started the 4HB diet. However, I do eat eggs (weird, I know). I am using tofu and certain soy protein products (tofurky sausage, field roast) that contain soy protein and vital...

Jan 5th 2012
sharmour replied to ultraviolet's blog post:

Member intro: Hi, from Seattle

Hi there I have similar stats to you, 30 ish woman, 215, 5'3", and I live in Seattle! I am about 3 weeks in and feeling really good but not much weight loss yet... How is it going for you? ...

Sep 21st 2011
sharmour commented on Soylent's reply:

How did this week go for you?

Sep 19th 2011
sharmour asked a question:

Confused about portions

I feel like I am eating SO much food! I am carefully planning my meals to reach 30 grams of protein and have a good amount of veg, but it seems like so much food. Also, when looking at various 4HB...

Sep 19th 2011
Sep 18th 2011
sharmour replied to Beaver's tip:

Psyllium Husk hard to swallow for you?

Great tip, I have a soda machine too...Question, how much Psyllium Husk do you take per day?

Sep 15th 2011
Sep 13th 2011
sharmour replied to BabyDolphin's blog post:

Member Intro: 88lbs of Baby Fat to Lose :)

Welcome! I am just beginning too, I have 2 kids and I have an end goal of loosing 70 lbs. We have a similar story! It would be fun to share success and questions!

Sep 9th 2011
sharmour replied to JenyLee's question:

How to make a good cup of cinammon coffee?

I make my coffee with a French Press, and I add the cinnamon to the grinds prior to adding hot water. So good!

Sep 9th 2011
sharmour asked a question:

Protein Shake with Meal to reach protein goal?

I am curious if anyone combines a protein shake with say, a salad and 1/2 cup of beans, to reach a meals worth of protein levels?

Sep 7th 2011
sharmour replied to ffc904's blog post:

Member intro: fitfatclub904

Hi there I am also similar, I am a 33 year old mom of 2, 5'3", and had a starting weight of 215. I have been slowly beginning the SCD for about a month, but have not been strict. I have not ...

Sep 5th 2011
sharmour blogged:

Member intro: sharmour

I am a 33 year old mom of tow daughters, full time Graduate student and preschool teacher. Unfortunately, due to my busy life, my body has suffered into Obese levels. I have a 70 pound loss goal! ...

Aug 20th 2011