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I feel so much better reading this. I tend to gain as little as 2 lbs. To as much as 9-11 lbs. The day after. By Wednesday I'm back to Saturday mo...

Sep 25th 2011
Sep 14th 2011
spadeyyz replied to Arelleth's blog post:

Before and After - Week 4

I am so happy for you! I read your posts a lot, as I am in my 3rd week of SCD. I'm down 8.5 lbs already and excited to see more results. You are doing great! Question: are you going nuts on cheat ...

Sep 13th 2011
spadeyyz replied to Kao's question:

are artichokes SCD friendly?

Yes,they are. And, I , too, no longer use that website to find out if a food is allowed. I've had artichokes twice. They are low calorie, low carb, high fiber food. A good trick: put a few cloves ...

Sep 13th 2011
spadeyyz replied to jorieelyse's question:

Fiber Supplements?

I take Whole Foods brand psyllium husks (in water) every morning after breakfast. I remember reading in Tim's book about it being ok. I've lost 7 lbs. In my first 2 weeks so it isn't stalling anyt...

Sep 5th 2011
spadeyyz commented on s joshua's reply:

Thanks,Josh! Since I've posted this I have lost 7 lbs! I have read and re-read the book and I also find that having the proper amount of protein a...

Sep 2nd 2011
spadeyyz commented on spadeyyz's reply:

No. 2 weeks and close to ten pounds. The 30 lbs lost was my co-worker and brotherbwho both have been doing this for a few months.

Sep 2nd 2011
spadeyyz replied to miguelur's question:

White beans and chickpeas: allowed or not?

I'm no expert , but after losing 6 pounds in less than 2 weeks, I can say "white" beans (navy, lima ) are ok. As far as chick peas (garbanzo ) are concerned, I believe Tim mentions to wa...

Sep 1st 2011

Good to know. In my 2 weeks of doing th ediet I had them once. One bag split between 3 of us.

Sep 1st 2011
spadeyyz replied to wearewhatwerepeatedlydo's blog post:

Newbie getting started

Good work! It's been two weeks for me. My brother and co-worker have lost 30 lbs. doing this diet and still eat to the lifestyle. Congrats on your weight loss! My brother advised me not to weigh m...

Aug 31st 2011

I feel the same way. It's psychological. Helps put the mind at ease.

Aug 29th 2011
spadeyyz replied to yarnphreak's question:

Tip: Ahi Tuna, the perfect protein

I have Ahi Tuna a few times a week. Got a great recipe from All recipes where you add olive oil, a bit of butter and pepper corns in the pan / dip the fish in a tad bit of kosher salt and cayenne ...

Aug 29th 2011
spadeyyz replied to Dayna McAdams's question:

Upset tummy on cheat day?

It's only been 10 days for me but,yes, I got a severely upset stomach, had to nap it off. Unlike most, I was glad to b back on Sunday!

Aug 29th 2011

I am confused. Tim mentions in the book specifically that soy beans are ok. In the section marked "The Slow Carb Diet I " it is listed u...

Aug 28th 2011

I drink nothing but Vintage brand seltzer water. Starting the SCD I stopped drinking the flavored ones and just drink the original. I,too, am curi...

Aug 27th 2011
spadeyyz replied to 4HourStudy's question:

How do you stay "regular" on cheat day?

Try having oats with your breakfast. Fruit is my cheat day treasure and most fruit is high in fiber. Another option is psyllium husks. 2 tsp. In water should help creat a movement. You can always ...

Aug 27th 2011
spadeyyz commented on Minnesota's reply:

Thanks,Minnesota! I'm down 5lbs after week one and have mynfirst cheat day ahead! I'll be smart and cheat by having an apple and later having stov...

Aug 27th 2011
spadeyyz replied to Vtine311's question:

Partners? Challenges?

Sure! Just started today! Going to give it a serious go for 4 - 6 weeks!

Aug 27th 2011
spadeyyz asked a question:

Help for a newbie

Does anyone have advice for a newbie to the diet? I'm on Day 2. I did read the book. I feel odd not watching portion sizes or counting calories. I am eating the proper foods and making sure I limi...

Aug 27th 2011
spadeyyz asked a question:

Certain salad vegetables allowed?

I am a bit confused on vegetables. First off, I made it throguh day 1 and am looking forward to many more! I understand most vegetables ( not corn ) are allowed, esp. cruciferous. There seems to b...

Aug 27th 2011
Aug 23rd 2011
Aug 23rd 2011