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My 4HB Goal: I going to be thin. I've got a long ways to go, but I'm going to drop 140 pounds.



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Cloakraider asked a question:

How can I lose the most weight?

So I'm going to go skiing in a few months... In about 5 I think. I'm 16 and ever since I was born, I've always been a heavy guy, but this season I want to change that. I'm not expecting to lose cr...

Nov 10th 2011
Cloakraider blogged:

So here I am

I hate my body. I'm 16 and I've reached over 300 pounds. 314 to be exact. I hate myself for not being able to show the bit of self control needed to say no to that extra piece of cake. I've come t...

Aug 19th 2011