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My 4HB Goal: Fitter with 15 lbs less fat and overcome sugar and carb cravings. Reduction of cholestero to 185 (30 points). Workout 4-5 hours a week. 25" waist and 35" hips. Weight between 115 & 120 lbs. Change mentality from "Live to Eat" to "Ea......







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adacandoit replied to Smiley's question:

Bummer...this diet for women?

Smiley, you sound just like me after one week - I expected faster results and was impatient and frustrated. My advise, relax, stay with it. You will start seeing results soon, trust me! I'm 8 m...

May 12th 2012

My "skinny" picture is going up on the fridge - thanks!!!!

Mar 27th 2012
adacandoit asked a question:

How do I get my focus back?

I started the diet 8/10/11 and lost over 20 lbs. and got down to even lower than my goal weight. I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and, although I did not go crazy, I got off the diet. Now I have i...

Mar 26th 2012
adacandoit replied to Paula30's question:

Peas and green beans only for legumes?

Peas are a no-no so I would avoid them. You may want to psyche yourself up to like beans and lentils better because for various reasons they are important on this diet. Maybe you should try expe...

Mar 9th 2012

I do the cauliflower mash and love it but what is the "rice"?

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to mocaloca's blog post:

Black beans & pork loin on slow cooker (feijoada)

Great recipe! I'll try it, thanks!

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to Mexicana's question:

Mix legumes in 1 meal?

I like to go to Mexican restaurants because I can stay on the diet - I order my meals w/o rice and double beans; no tortilla, but replace with guac. Of course my favorite meat is "carnitas&q...

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to jroskott's question:

Is it me, or my scales???

Don't freak out yet! I've noticed that every once in a while I'll jump 2 lbs. even when I've been pretty good. Like others said, it could be water retention, waste in your colon or a little grem...

Mar 8th 2012
adacandoit replied to Plasmian's question:

No Bread at all?

I was (am) a bread addict too and it took me a while to get over my intense cravings for bread. But I did it and you can do it too. Just focus on your goals and think how happy you will be when ...

Feb 24th 2012

I've been following your posts and you know your stuff, Akane!! Yes, you're right about the marinades, I buy ones with the dry rubs, pepper!

Jan 12th 2012
adacandoit replied to Dana.C's question:

Typical Daily Meals

Some thoughts, Dana. I find it easiest in the morning to scramble 2 eggs with diced ham (you can buy packages at the store already diced) and mix in about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of thawed spinach - add s...

Jan 11th 2012

For breakfast I often saute onions & lots of *green peppers* and add one egg and two egg whites scrambled together and about a half a cup of t...

Nov 29th 2011
adacandoit replied to TeaLove's question:

Ok, So I Am A Gum Chewing Mothereffer...

Oh no, I'm addicted to sugarless gum too. I use to have about 8 a day. I couldn't go cold turkey so I cut one out per day and now I allow myself no more than two. The tapering down seems to wor...

Oct 29th 2011
adacandoit commented on JJJ's reply:

Thanks, I was worried about it too - I think I'll go eat another egg!

Sep 30th 2011
adacandoit commented on sera's reply:

you can come to my house and cook any time . . . thanks, I'll try them!

Sep 10th 2011
adacandoit replied to branooguy's question:

hemorrhoids and constipation, is it only me?

Miralax powder soften the stools so it is easiert to go, it also helps you go more frequently. The doctor told me to take it everyday. It works! Start small though, one scant tsp. and adjust up...

Sep 10th 2011
adacandoit replied to pandan's blog post:

Member intro: Daniel

A little late, Daniel but, WELCOME! I loved Prague! I can understand you wanting to start watching your weight while you are still young because the food in your country is very rich and very yu...

Aug 28th 2011
adacandoit commented on loretta's reply:

Kath, just a follow up, you were right, I don't obsess over bread and desserts as much. I plan my cheat day carefully (there is this great little...

Aug 28th 2011

Great ideas on fish! I got those WF salmon burgers and they were great. I'm afraid I'm eating to much red meat so I gotta change my diet. Thank...

Aug 28th 2011

Gretchenlin, I meant to ask you, is fish the only "meat" you eat? Canned fish? Need more ideas for quick fish fixings. : )

Aug 18th 2011
adacandoit replied to Lynda Auron's question:

Before & After

What a difference! And it looks like you took it off in the right places. Congrats!

Aug 18th 2011

Great research, thanks for sharing. I haven't tasted the Hemp I bought yet (it's probably yukky)- I read either here or in the book that Tim says...

Aug 18th 2011
adacandoit replied to MKrick's question:

100 lbs in 208 days.

You are doing everything right - you're an inspiration!

Aug 17th 2011

My sensitive tummy can't imagine that much flax - more than 2-3 tsp. can make an average person too "uncomfortable". If others try it, ...

Aug 17th 2011
adacandoit commented on Steve-K's reply:

Great tips! Also helpful is to soak beans overnight in water and baking soda (2-3 tbs). Then rinse "thorugouthly" - this method has he...

Aug 16th 2011
adacandoit replied to wombat's question:

Asian Turkey Wraps or Salad

Sounds great, I can't wait to try it! (I'm not the measuring type either) Thanks for sharing!

Aug 16th 2011
adacandoit replied to tezzayk's question:

Hemp protein shakes

Terry, I don't have an answer for you, but also just bought Hemp prot and I'm not sure when it is allowed. Are you using powder proteins everday? after a workout? only when in a rush? I hope you ...

Aug 16th 2011
Aug 16th 2011
adacandoit asked a question:

Quorn meat substitue

Has anyone tried Quorn protein crumbles? I just bought some at Whole Foods and I found it (tried it only once) to be versatile, tasty (depending on how you season it), high in fiber, 2g of fat a...

Aug 16th 2011
adacandoit replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

Exciting! Blood pressure meds decreased!!!

Congrats! I did not have "getting off BP meds" as one of my goals, but now I will monitor that as well!

Aug 14th 2011
adacandoit blogged:


As an executive during my career I was VERY discipline, specially when maintaining my weight low. But my attention-getting, hourglass shape (21" waist through my 40s!) started fading when I ...

Aug 14th 2011