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Iaggu commented on Dana W's reply:

Hi Minnesota. Things are progressing well, I've lost 17 pounds of body butter and put on 6 of lean muscle in 9 weeks. I'm heading to Europe for a...

Sep 30th 2011
Iaggu commented on Iaggu's reply:

Lol. No worries.

Sep 30th 2011
Iaggu replied to odac25thka's question:

What Carbs to eat for Occams? Lactose intolerant?

Hey there odac25thka. . I've had issues with trying to lose weight and gain mass at the same time, myself. Ultimately, I think that the rules behind occam's feeding "respect" slow carb ...

Sep 26th 2011
Iaggu replied to mrkaljabusiness's blog post:

1 month experiment (adding muscles)

Did you get a copy of the book? There is lots of information in it about diet for both, Geek to Freak and for Occam's Protocol. Essential, for mass gain, you won't go wrong following slow carb ea...

Sep 26th 2011
Iaggu replied to AmberRose's blog post:

Possible stuffing?

So... Where is the recipe??? Lol Id like to give it a try because it sounds great.

Sep 26th 2011
Sep 26th 2011
Iaggu replied to jesswants4hb's question:

Has anyone else fallen off the wagon?

Human beings can dedicate their focus and their willpower on a certain plan of action for just a limited period of time. Only with practice and " getting back up" when you fall, can you ...

Sep 26th 2011

Fat does not just spontaneously, roam around the body, for fun. Try having a professional track your measurements with fat calipers. I bet you've ...

Sep 26th 2011
Iaggu commented on JamesAt15's reply:

If you can shoot for 1/2 hour if not have them with the meal. Just make sure you get the water in too or the fiber will plug you up.

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to Gretchen Linden's tip:

Exciting! Blood pressure meds decreased!!!

Hi Gretchenlin. Just a suggestion for you to take or leave. My mother battled a losing battle with RA which finally defeated her. I've researched the disease for several years and come up with a f...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to Quirky Bagzo's question:

What are some acceptable sauces?

Franks red hot sauce or Louisiana hot sauce are great. Try minced ginger, lemongrass and garlic on meats. Also, dry rubs with no sugar or flour added can add flavour to the mix. Lemon juice and ga...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu commented on 4HourBod's reply:

All I am saying is, give peas a chance. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to Kiera Vaughan's question:

Egg drop soup

If there are no hidden carbs in the broth and you use low-sodium broth, I think you could eat this any time you like with no I'll effects. Be careful that your soy sause isn't hiding wheat in it, ...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to amur1002's question:

Inflammation for injury? what next after R.I.C.E?

You may want to try "letting the strain/sprain heal". I caution my massage therapy clients that inflammation is a first-response that the body enacts to isolate damaged structures and ti...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to ErnestoRiley's question:

Ernesto Riley

Great comment Ernesto. I fully agree. Iaggu.

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to gettinskinny's question:

Any ideas for snacks

I hear that. Snacks can be tough to imagine when you are forced to pick from meat, meat or beans and low starch veg. I have two suggestions that work for me. 1. Brown ground beef and an onion th...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to jitkajulie's blog post:

Dear diary ....

Good ideas in this post. A few suggestions, if you like. Don't worry too much about skipping carrots. A Lille chunk sliced up goes a long way. Make your body work for it by eating it raw in a sala...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to 4hourtim's question:

are refried beans ok?

At their simplest refried beans are not problematic. Look at your specific brand and see if there are any hidden carbs or sugars and what the fat content is, for them. Without an investigation the...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu shared a tip:

Mitigating Cheat Day Feasting.

I've been having good success, as measured by fat gain twenty-four hours after cheat day ending, by taking PGX fiber supplement. I've tried to do the same with Benefiber to see the difference and ...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to jcleary1232's question:
Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to 42Wired's question:

People Joking about Health

People generally ridicule in others what they wish to change in themselves. It's a precept of psychology. Just keep rolling and allow your self-esteem to help with the irritation. Good luck

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to Lamby22's question:

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate, an absolute no?

I am a chocolate maker. Unless your bar is 100% cocoa solids, for example, Lindt excellence, 100%, then the remaining percentage is sugar. Other ingredients go into the bar such as added cocoa bu...

Sep 23rd 2011
Iaggu replied to mocaloca's blog post:

Black beans & pork loin on slow cooker (feijoada)

Hey Mocaloca. I'm going to cook your dish up tonight. Thanks for the great recipe. Are the black beans dried unsoaked beans when you put then into the slow cooker? Thanks

Sep 22nd 2011
Iaggu commented on dlambe's reply:

Thanks for the input. I haven't trained with weights in three years, so I expect, coupled with Creatine and the other supplements, to put some qua...

Sep 21st 2011
Sep 21st 2011
Iaggu replied to Jamie_p's question:

Protein shake has 975 calories!

The protien shake is meant to have 975 calories because you need them when doing oaccams or GTF. Half in the morning and half in the evening. If you are doing SCD this isn't for you. If you aren't...

Sep 19th 2011
Iaggu liked Juan's question:
Sep 19th 2011
Iaggu asked a question:

Occam's and Minimizing Fat Gains.

I'm following occam's protocol and the supplements suggested in the 4HB. After losing 18 lbs prior to beginning occam's by following the SCD, I'm startled to see my weight has jumped from 212lbs t...

Sep 19th 2011
Iaggu replied to julio's question:

About a product mentioned in the book

That's awesome. I can see how, not knowing it was Mac and cheese, that one would be puzzled by the orange-flavored cancer powder. It is, indeed a powdered cheese flavor that when added with milk ...

Sep 15th 2011
Iaggu replied to Exhaustedblood's question:

3 weeks of no progress. About to give up. Help?!

Hmmm.. Are the iced coffee, salsas, guacamole and seltzer commercially prepared? Check to see about added sugar. Do this for any eating in restaurants. I stalled for two weeks eating a restaurant ...

Aug 18th 2011
Iaggu replied to Arnout Drenthel's question:

How do you take your cinnamon?

Cinnamon has a flavor that is very complementary to meats, which you are allowed plenty of, on this eating plan. Try using a little bit, blended with salt pepper and garlic powder as a rub on pork...

Aug 17th 2011
Iaggu commented on ascnt2grtns's reply:

I think you may be pushing the limits of sanity, here. You may really love toast but I highly recommend you do not take your toaster into the show...

Aug 17th 2011
Iaggu replied to Jessie's question:

SCD - Should I wait to start?

I would wait. Don't try to deal with the stress of such an important exam while you are training your body to recognize a new way of eating. I'm by no means the definitive voice on this but I have...

Aug 16th 2011
Iaggu replied to Jessie's question:

Help with daily fat/protein/carb intake !

I suggest eating a snack then. If you are hungry, you should eat more of the permitted foods and include some beans to sate your hunger. A little fat too. This eating style requires a little rethi...

Aug 16th 2011
Iaggu replied to jp11300's question:

Are u supposed to feel dizzy after a workout?

When in my younger days, if I did an all out, full body workout, I'd see "the white buffalo". That's what the gym rats who stopped me from passing out headlong into the squat rack called...

Aug 14th 2011
Iaggu blogged:

Member intro: Forty, Fat-ish and Fearful.

I read the 4HB and even tried slow carb diet in order to look human for a Caribbean cruise I was getting ready to go on but I never really felt the motivation to take good care of myself. Taki...

Aug 14th 2011