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Oct 30th 2015
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart asked a question:

Slow Carb Diet

I hate beans and lentils. Any meal ideas would be appreciated

Dec 24th 2013
Sep 25th 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart asked a question:

Cheat Day Massive Weight Gain

After a few false starts, I started SCD last Monday. I lost six pounds this week then gained SEVEN POUNDS after cheat day. How is this possible?!! I work so I can't totally stuff myself from morni...

Sep 25th 2011

Never mind, I find it at Whole Foods.

Sep 24th 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart replied to Iaggu's tip:

Mitigating Cheat Day Feasting.

Where do you get the PGX fiber supplement?

Sep 23rd 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart asked a question:

Cheat day tricks

Hi, happy cheat day, ( if it is today.) What are you doing for damage control?

Sep 10th 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart asked a question:

Help with breakfast timing

Hi everyone, I am starting the couch to 5k program Monday. I get up at 7am, get my daughter ready for school, then do my workout at 8. I can't do it on a full stomach so when should I have breakfa...

Sep 8th 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart is doing my tutorial!

30-day Six Pack Sprint: Day 7

Congratulations, you've made it to Day 7 of the 30-day Six Pack Challenge. Since you've gotten this far, you've earned a nice day of rest AND an en...

Aug 31st 2011

Thanks, that eases my mind a little!

Aug 23rd 2011

I guess I'll do the exercises and not sweat the rest of it

Aug 22nd 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart asked a question:

Cheat Day Question

i am worried about my first cheat day since due to medications I cannot have grapefruit juice. Any good alternatives?

Aug 21st 2011

Hi, I am 47, starting out at 5' 5" 145 pounds. Want to look good in a bikini one more time! I hope the kettle bells and SCD will do it!

Aug 13th 2011

Hi, it was great! Feeling good, very committed!

Aug 13th 2011
Aug 13th 2011
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Give a warm welcome to Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart!

Aug 12th 2011
Bexblonde Rebecca Stewart blogged:


Starting program 8-12-2011

Aug 12th 2011