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    Jake commented on G G's reply:

    Even though the eggs in theory aren't supposed to affect cholesterol levels, when I was eating 6-8 eggs a day, I blew out my cholesterol levels and...

    Nov 22nd 2014
    Jake replied to mooreadamc's question:

    New to Slow Carb - Few questions

    Hi there! 1. Think of this more as a change in your eating habits, instead of a diet. You should end up feeling more satisfied because you won't have carb/sugar cycles that spike your appetite. Y...

    Jan 3rd 2014
    Jake replied to Amelia Justice's question:

    Does this diet work on teens?

    Hi Amelia, I'm wondering what your goal is. I'm asking because I'm the same height as you and when I got down to 125 last year people were starting to corner me at work to ask if I was okay or if...

    Sep 12th 2013
    Jake replied to Irene Voskamp's question:

    First week - no change?

    It's very hard to give specific advice on what to change if we don't know what you are currently doing. Would you mind listing out what you eat at each meal typically, and an estimate of how much,...

    Sep 7th 2013
    Jake replied to dougeyramone's question:

    is sausage bad on the slow carb?

    If you have a food processor or meat grinder, you can make your own fresh sausage. I use my cuisinart to grind pork. This is a good recipe for a basic sausage: http://www.chow.com/recipes/27641-br...

    Sep 1st 2013
    Jake replied to Drea's blog post:

    So...here I am...hi.

    (Belated) welcome to the site! If you want to add in some comments here about what a typical day's worth of meals looks like for you, including portion sizes, someone here can probably give you sp...

    Aug 28th 2013
    Jake replied to Alex Abernathy's question:

    Already fit people and Carbohydrates

    In addition to genetics, it may have to do with activity levels, water intake, soda consumption, and a bunch of other random factors. Some people spend their spare time playing basketball, skatebo...

    Aug 9th 2013
    Jake replied to G G's question:

    How many times do you hear this?

    The people who've asked what I'm doing haven't even made it two days. One asked me to write down what I was doing, and I wrote up a page of simple rules to follow. She read it and immediately tras...

    Aug 9th 2013
    Jake replied to Douglas Ackerman's question:

    Any info on tuna?

    The US EPA guidelines differ based on whether you're having albacore tuna, which is higher in mercury, or skipjack which is lower. For skipjack, the recommended limit is 12 oz a week. http://www...

    Aug 5th 2013
    Jake shared a tip:

    Lentil Cracker Recipe and my new dehydrator

    It's been a while since I posted here, but I wanted to share a way to make slow carb crackers, if you're missing crunchy snack time. I made a batch as an experiment, starting with a lentil stew wi...

    Aug 4th 2013
    Jake commented on ltplank's reply:

    I haven't posted in a while because I went off the diet to try to fix my cholesterol without meds. I switched up my breakfast to oatmeal and blueb...

    Oct 15th 2012
    Jake replied to Jeff Aw's question:

    Chicken skin?

    For me it wasn't a problem for weight loss - I was able to get down to my goal weight with chicken skin and bacon as a regular part of my diet. But then my cholesterol shot up, so I've cut out the...

    Oct 1st 2012
    Jake replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    5K Update!

    Congrats! I started the c25k program this summer, and am up to a half hour or more of continuous running (eh, jogging) now. I haven't signed up for a race, but I did start our school's very first...

    Oct 1st 2012
    Oct 1st 2012
    Jake replied to Katie Jester's question:

    I think I'm doing it right, but I have yet to see any results?!

    More vegetables! http://4hourpeople.com/question/9397/Minimum-requirements-forgotten...

    Aug 17th 2012
    Jake commented on wombat's reply:

    If you are losing weight really quickly right now, I don't think it would be all that bad to add milk back in. Especially if you have it as unswee...

    Aug 15th 2012
    Jake commented on Nancy Howat's reply:

    How many calories are you having, typically?

    Aug 15th 2012
    Aug 15th 2012
    Jake replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

    back on track

    Congratulations! I'd love to see the wedding photos - so glad to hear it went great!

    Aug 15th 2012
    Aug 14th 2012
    Jake shared a tip:

    Tracking Data: Time Out for Art

    I thought folks here might appreciate the artist Laurie Frick, who has turned what we do into an art form. "There are the quantifiable patterns of small things we do everyday: steps walked, ...

    Aug 14th 2012
    Jake replied to skinnymouse's blog post:

    Day 2 Food Log

    I'm concerned about your health, and I'm going to speak bluntly here. You're very young to be setting yourself up for a lifetime of eating disorders and you'll be better off addressing those direc...

    Aug 12th 2012
    Jake replied to maddykiedis's question:

    Help! Could it be a plateau?

    I'm on board with what others have said, and I want to add a few more brainstorming thoughts. I don't see veggies in your breakfast for some reason, but they should be there. I would aim for at le...

    Aug 10th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    I normally do two at a time, and use 30 seconds - you just have to watch them and as soon as the whole thing is bubbly, take it out so it doesn't ...

    Aug 9th 2012
    Jake replied to Person's question:

    ANY type of chip or cracker that doesn't conflict?! Looking for suggestions!

    The kale chips are great. But I believe papadums might be even closer to what you are looking for - crackers made with lentil flour. Check the ingredients, because some also have rice or potato fl...

    Aug 9th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    The veggies are filled with micronutrients that you can't get from just meat and beans and they help to nourish your body. That sounds fuzzy - but...

    Aug 7th 2012
    Jake commented on Brittney Kyle's reply:

    I started with the 25lb and in a couple months moved to 30lb. (5'5" and 130lb - oh, and female, despite the name). I have a messed up left ro...

    Aug 7th 2012
    Jake replied to Tyler Pedraja's question:

    8-month plateau? Help me break it!

    What's your vegetable and beverage intake look like?

    Aug 6th 2012
    Jake replied to Ana Reis's question:

    Dizziness on the 4th week on the diet

    Are you taking any supplements? I had an issue a bit like yours after being on SCD for well over 6 months with no problems. All of a sudden one day I got a migraine and then I couldn't shake it....

    Aug 5th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    I was lucky my last year because I had all super responsible classes with one exception first semester and I'm at the high school level, so when w...

    Aug 5th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    Normally our school day starts at 8am but this year I might not have to be there til 10. It's funny you brought up the water. I'm on our bargainin...

    Aug 5th 2012
    Aug 4th 2012
    Jake replied to Minnesota's question:

    Check-in Time -- July !

    Tomorrow ends my first year with SCD. I cannot believe I started this thinking I'll just try it for one week, and if it goes well, try another week. I never imagined I'd stick with it like this. ...

    Aug 3rd 2012
    Jake commented on CarmenCR's reply:

    Carmen zeroed in on exactly the same thing I noticed - the missing veggies. She linked a great post that explains the reason for the veggies, and ...

    Aug 1st 2012
    Jake voted for CarmenCR's reply to:
    Aug 1st 2012
    Jake replied to Tracey Payton Miller's question:

    2 months on SCD, gained this week. :(

    August 3rd will be my one year anniversary of being on SCD. I've had various weeks along the way where I gained, and where I stalled. In July I changed up my exercise routine to something more har...

    Jul 31st 2012
    Jake replied to Dilek Kelid's blog post:

    New to 4HB - my fears & your experiences/advice

    Greetings from the ultimate Queen of Carbs! In three more days, I'll have been on this diet for a year. Here's how much of a foodie/carb addict I was: That's my personal stone mill for grindin...

    Jul 30th 2012
    Jake replied to jodyalbritton's question:

    Tracking and Quantified Self

    I requested an invite, not sure if you're still taking testers. One thing I miss on other sites I've tried is the ability to download the data I enter in a format where I can load it into excel a...

    Jul 30th 2012
    Jake replied to Rishna DeLone's question:

    Cheat Day or Meal? Excersise?

    If you are brand new to SCD, I would cut back at least on the cardio for the first one to two weeks. The main reason for that is that the cardio by its nature increases your appetite, which makes ...

    Jul 30th 2012
    Jake replied to Tomhole's question:

    Ab spotting in Dallas?

    Yep - you have definite abs now! You're looking great!

    Jul 29th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    Now that I've had a chance to talk to my doctor about all this, I've got to retract my previous post about the red yeast rice stuff. Turns out it ...

    Jul 19th 2012
    Jake replied to Nicole Pape's question:

    Eating out is trickier than I thougth...

    I also check restaurant menus online before I go out. Here are the links I use: http://caloriecount.about.com/restaurants-mc1 or http://www.dietfacts.com/fastfood.asp It's not perfect because y...

    Jul 9th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    I figured I should mention this since I brought up the red rice yeast - I found out this week that even though it's an over the counter supplement...

    Jul 8th 2012
    Jake replied to Anthony Schneider's question:

    Is cardio really a no no?

    Can you talk some about what your cardio goals are? I'm guessing fat loss because you are here, and also lung capacity because you're asking about that. But there may be other training goals beyon...

    Jul 6th 2012
    Jake replied to Icandoit's blog post:

    I am IN my skinny jeans

    I hope you're spending an appropriate amount of time strutting around and enjoying the moment! I've had the same experience, my weight and measurements haven't moved much but I had to box and mo...

    Jul 6th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    I should have been clearer in that last post. I'm not doing crossfit workouts four days a week, I'm doing it twice a week. I'm just old and have a...

    Jul 6th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    I forgot to answer how I'm handling maintenance. I've been trying to stay true to SCD in general. Most meals I'm strict but most days include at l...

    Jul 5th 2012
    Jake commented on Jake's reply:

    Your advantage over me is that your numbers are dropping; my advantage over you is that my HDL is higher, so my ratios are better - and there is s...

    Jul 5th 2012