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My 4HB Goal: Want to lose the last (and first) 10 pounds! For years I've been wanting to drop 10 and a month of beans and hardly working out should do it! Let's get started...







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Aug 16th 2011
cynlin replied to justin's tip:

Get Back on Track: Create your Harajuku Moment

Hey Justin, I think this was in response to my question... My (Re-)Harajuku Moment was when my pants started feeling tight again. I remember feeling so proud that the pants that used to be so unc...

Aug 13th 2011
cynlin commented on yarnphreak's reply:

This is good to know! It sucks to know my results from three weeks disappeared after a week and a half.. where could I have been now?! Thanks ever...

Aug 13th 2011
cynlin commented on gilfunkel's reply:

I'm back on it! Thanks for checking in... I want it bad!

Aug 13th 2011
cynlin asked a question:

30 minute window exception?

Am I crazy or did I read that there is an exception to the 30 minute window carb-eating after a work out if you are over a certain body fat % for men and women? I swear I saw it in the book but I ...

Aug 13th 2011
cynlin blogged:

Member intro: I can't help cheating

I was doing amazingly well and three weeks into the SCD. And then I went to the cottage. My cheat day turned into a weekend.. and then week... and then week and a day. I need my resolve back!

Aug 8th 2011