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celesteron replied to foodz's question:

Anyone tried kettlebell swings yet?

Just started Kettelbell last night...20 lbs. I am sooo sore today but in a good way. I could only do about 15 all at once, so i stopped for about 30 seconds and then continued til 75; stopping a...

Aug 19th 2011
celesteron replied to Mary Ellen Hannah's blog post:

Member intro: Mary Ellen

Hi Mary Ellen, I am in the same boat as you; fairly in shape at 55 but need to lose about 10 lbs. My second week weigh in yesterday; I was down 3.5 lbs. Doesn't sound like a lot but I really fee...

Aug 16th 2011

Awesome answer!

Aug 10th 2011
celesteron asked a question:

Are all protein created equal?

I have a question...This is my second week on the SCD and up until today, I have eaten eggs, along with lentils and some other protein (turkey bacon, etc) for breakfast. This morning, I changed i...

Aug 9th 2011

Great. Its fun to do it together!

Aug 8th 2011

Thanks. I'm not really worried about it, I was just startled he lost so much! Not sure if I can last 4 to 6 weeks haha. It is getting easier thou...

Aug 8th 2011
celesteron asked a question:

12 lbs. first week!

Hi, hubby and i started the SCD last week and this was our results...He lost 12 lbs!, i lost 2.5. Is 12 lbs normal? It seems like sooo much weight, it was a bit alarming. Of course he's thrille...

Aug 8th 2011

I use this too but haven't since starting this diet. So i can use this with veggies? That would be awesome cause i am craving it!

Aug 8th 2011

My husband and I started just this week and i truly understand you feeling like the food Nazi! Men just aren't use to dieting the way woman are, ...

Aug 4th 2011
celesteron asked a question:

Alcohol on Cheat

Are we allowed alcohol on cheat day? Other than wine? Also, can cheat day be any day or does it have to be saturday...i.e. Friday night?

Aug 4th 2011
celesteron commented on jakobo's reply:

What does "hacking" mean?

Aug 4th 2011

Awesome answer Jenny! very motivating to a newbie like myself!

Aug 3rd 2011
celesteron asked a question:

Balsalmic vinegar

I was wondering if balsalmic vinegar is ok. i like to use it in my salad every day, does anyone know?

Aug 3rd 2011
celesteron replied to nessie's blog post:

Best diet ever so far!

Wow, 7 lbs in 2 weeks...that's awesome. Hubby and I just started the diet yesterday, so that gives me encouragement. I would like to lose about 10 to 15 lbs max (i'm 145, would like to be 130) a...

Aug 3rd 2011

thanks for your replies and encouragement. Yesterday went good, mornings are the hardest to eat 30 grams of protein immediately but i am doing it...

Aug 3rd 2011
celesteron blogged:

Member intro: Newbie

Hi, my hubby and I started 4HB today! Very excited to start. Got up this morning, had 16 oz. of water, 2 eggs and egg whites and spinach, turkey bacon and some lentils. Think I got my 30 grams ...

Aug 3rd 2011