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Aug 3rd 2011
bex mackie replied to baalamb's question:

Chickpeas when starting?

Don't have the answer to this. I know you can have beans but not sure on the chickpeas. Would love to hear the answer.

Aug 3rd 2011
bex mackie replied to Plasmian's question:

No Bread at all?

I thought I would find giving up bread,muffins and other baked goods really hard . But I have found the cravings less and less. It's the chocolate and cheese I crave now but I save em up for cheat...

Aug 3rd 2011
bex mackie blogged:

Member intro: New member

I live in London and started reading the 4 hr book about 4 weeks ago. Found my energy levels low for the first few weeks but not they are back to normal. I haven't been weighing myself but have lo...

Aug 3rd 2011
bex mackie commented on LauraCox's profile:

Hi just wondering if I can eat fresh coconut? I'm reading the book but haven't seen anything on it.

Aug 2nd 2011