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My 4HB Goal: 18% body fat and the ability to wear all of the designer clothes I love looking at in magazines.







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    There are various wheat-free/gluten-free soy sauces available. I use San-J gluten-free Organic Tamari, which I buy in individual packets that I ca...

    Aug 26th 2011
    Aug 23rd 2011
    ultraviolet replied to TomBolton's question:

    My Slow Carb Flickr

    I've done this off and on for a couple of years now. I use my phone to take a picture of my food and post it to a blog every time I eat. Of course I'm pretty much the only one who ever looks at th...

    Aug 23rd 2011

    My current thinking is that I'll probably aim to split the difference and see how it looks/feels to go 5-7 lbs. under the weight that was recommen...

    Aug 23rd 2011

    Thanks! Well, the first is realizing that I really do have a lot of muscle, especially for a woman of my height. The second, and you'll see thi...

    Aug 23rd 2011
    ultraviolet replied to yarnphreak's blog post:

    My 1st DEXA scan tomorrow!

    Yay! I hope you get the kinds of numbers that won't drive you nuts. (I'm only just now getting my head wrapped around my results.)

    Aug 23rd 2011
    ultraviolet replied to mushin3212's question:

    What is your workout?

    I'm a yoga person. I do power vinyasa in a heated studio 6 days a week, with classes that vary between an hour and an hour and a half. Beyond that, I just added kettlebell swings this week. Today...

    Aug 23rd 2011

    another update: Decided that I was done being out and about, so I stopped by the grocery store and bought a frozen gluten-free pizza (to which I a...

    Aug 21st 2011

    update: Hit up a conveyor belt sushi joint instead. Ate many, many things. It was awesome. Ended up following that up with a visit to a record sto...

    Aug 20th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to sydpassin's question:

    Only a cheat treat tomorrow

    If you're only going to allow yourself a single cheat treat tomorrow, why don't you let it be an actual treat? If chocolate is what you're craving, have some chocolate.

    Aug 20th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to Vtine311's question:

    Tomorrow is cheat day :)

    Sushi! And lots of it. I'm hitting a sushi buffet for lunch tomorrow after my late morning Power Vinyasa Yoga class. I'll follow that with either a movie and some popcorn, or a walk through the O...

    Aug 20th 2011
    Aug 14th 2011
    Aug 14th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to Unforseen's question:

    Member intro: Slow Carb Sandwiches

    No corn tortillas and no cheese. Also, all of the tabouleh I've ever encountered is made with bulgur. Drop that as well. If you really want a "sandwich" or wrap of some kind, you can wr...

    Aug 12th 2011

    I wouldn't put a ton of stock into a calculation of lean body mass based on nothing more than gender, height and weight. When I plug my info into ...

    Aug 11th 2011

    Oh, I also meant to mention that the discounted rate is a 3-pack, usable for a year and a half, at $80 per scan. That's the route I went. So, it w...

    Aug 8th 2011

    I have my numbers. I'm still looking over the report, but the upshot is that what they're recommending as my ideal weight is 10-15 more than I wha...

    Aug 8th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to kdmeloche's question:

    Why do I feel like crap after 4 days on the Slow Carb Diet?

    Are your carbs lower now (even with the beans) than they were before? You could just be adjusting to a lower carb level. Also, your body may need a little more time to adjust to the likely increas...

    Aug 6th 2011

    I've scheduled a scan for Monday. Woohoo! I'm so curious and excited to see some numbers. As a lifelong somewhat muscle-y fat girl, I've always be...

    Aug 6th 2011
    ultraviolet commented on MaryC's reply:

    I get your frustration, really. Tomorrow is my second cheat day as well, and I only got back to my previous pre-cheat weight this morning. My peri...

    Aug 5th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to yarnphreak's blog post:

    DEXA (For those in the Pacific NW)

    Thanks for posting this. I've been having a hard time finding a place to get body comp measurements done in/around Seattle. Now I just need to find/make time to get over there for an appointment!

    Aug 4th 2011
    ultraviolet replied to jennyncampbell's question:

    Not losing enought weight

    Plenty of people have mentioned that you're probably not getting enough protein, so I won't harp on that. If you're getting sick of chicken, try something else. Beef? Tuna? I find that a can of tu...

    Aug 1st 2011
    ultraviolet blogged:

    Member intro: Hi, from Seattle

    Just a quick intro. My "story" isn't that interesting... Mid-30s, female, 5'5", 222 lbs when I started the SCD last week. The first week was pretty easy, and I lost about 3 lbs and ...

    Aug 1st 2011