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My 4HB Goal: To lose around 18 more pounds and/or drop to a healthier body fat percentage.







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ripley0115 commented on loretta's reply:

Other that soy products, the only other sanctioned SCD vegetarian protein I know of are egg whites. I get my protein primarily from egg whites. ...

Aug 2nd 2011

Thanks, Minnesota!

Aug 2nd 2011

Yes, he definitely does say that. Tim is not a fan of soy at all. I only have a tofu or tempeh at most 1-2 per week. I try to consume egg white...

Aug 2nd 2011
ripley0115 replied to cheria noezar's question:

Tempeh - SCD allowed or not allowed

Tim mentions both tofu and tempeh as permissible foods on page 172 of the 4 Hour Body. On 172, they are both listed as foods that are good sources of calcium. From what I read, I think the main ...

Aug 1st 2011
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Aug 1st 2011
ripley0115 blogged:

6 weeks on SCD

I am a vegetarian who has been on the SCD for about 6 weeks now.

Aug 1st 2011
ripley0115 commented on ripley0115's profile:

Weighed in at 158.5 lbs today.

Jul 31st 2011