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My 4HB Goal: Gain additional 5-10lbs of muscle. Increase cardio capacity. Track diet/workouts more accurately and frequently.



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Aug 5th 2011
ghazij asked a question:

Ramadan (Fasting) and the 4HB

Since Ramadan starts after tomorrow, i need advice from anyone that would know/recommend a training/diet regiment that could work in order to maintain my current program. Ramadan is a month of fas...

Jul 31st 2011
ghazij blogged:

Read 4-HourBody and havent looked back!

I've been training under a hybrid of OP and G2F for almost 3 months now. Bodyweight went from 170lbs to 189lbs. Haven't measured my bodyfat % but im sure its gone up. Strength increased dramatical...

Jul 31st 2011