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My 4HB Goal: A 42yo mother of 2 trying to get back into some sort of shape.





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sydpassin commented on JJJ's reply:

Update...ended up enjoying the day and had real food and real chocolate. Thanks for the responses.

Aug 20th 2011
sydpassin asked a question:

Only a cheat treat tomorrow

So this is the week that i've decided to only have a cheat treat and not an entire cheat day tomorrow. My treat is going to be a Luna Bar. I know, I know -- not that exciting. My cheats have been ...

Aug 19th 2011
sydpassin commented on TeaLove's reply:

Thank you. I think I need to stick with. Leaner meet choices. Also, exercisemiht be a huge factor for me. It's just discouraging to see the scale ...

Aug 17th 2011
sydpassin asked a question:

Is it normal to gain?

I had been doing pretty well with very small weight loss from week to week but this week I'm the highest weight I've been since starting. Could be a fluke or due to the fact that I'm unable to exe...

Aug 17th 2011
sydpassin replied to Carey Hurst's question:

breakfast 2 small kids

Hi. I have 2 small kids as well. I start the day with a big bottle of very cold water. Unfortunately breakfast has to wait but that's just how it has to be right now. Sorry I don't have any tips ...

Aug 14th 2011
sydpassin asked a question:

May try skipping Cheat day

Hello, I did my cheat day yesterday and I felt physically lethargic all day. It was terrible. I followed the 4HB cheat day guidelines but I still felt like crap. I'm thinking of skipping it next S...

Aug 14th 2011
sydpassin blogged:

upset stomach from beans?

Hi, I'm on wk 2 and my stomach is a mess. Could this be from the black beans and chickpeas? I only eat them at breakfast and lunch (1/2 cup at each meal as that fills me up in addition to the prot...

Aug 10th 2011