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username replied to Lil-Buddy's question:

Green Drink...

I opted to start taking athletic greens daily, but it's by no means a requirement. If you want to just use it on cheat days to help with gastric empty that's fine. You might not finish the entire ...

Sep 28th 2011
username replied to LauraCox's question:

TIP: Avoid whey protein when burning fat!

So is there an official verdict for whey post/during-workout? I saw one comment saying it might be better not to but most comments seem to concern it as a breakfast replacement. If dropping whey p...

Sep 27th 2011
username replied to salvame's question:

Finally found a DEXA scan & Bod Pod in NYC.

i have tried multiple times to both e-mail and call the bod pod location in brooklyn and have gotten no responses to either. any thoughts?

Sep 8th 2011
username commented on alfonso24's reply:

what exactly is the benefit of cinnamon?

Aug 15th 2011
username asked a question:

aged garlic extract alright?

I've been taking odorless Aged Garlic Extract as it was suggested by a vitamin shoppe employee who explained it wouldn't come out in my sweat or burping etc. But after having read a few questions ...

Aug 8th 2011
username asked a question:

cold shower timing

I've been taking cold showers since I started the diet a couple weeks ago and it's been fine but in the upcoming weeks I'm trying a whole new "morning routine" thing and it would be much...

Aug 5th 2011
username commented on LauraCox's reply:

sorry for taking so long to comment but up until now there hasn't been a comment box for me. thanks for the insight and I'm definitely going to ha...

Aug 4th 2011
Jul 30th 2011
username asked a question:


I think I'm still a ways off from this, but how will I know when I've plateaued. I figure most people go by when they stop dropping weight/inches but I find that I can never measure accurately eno...

Jul 29th 2011
username asked a question:

cheat day frequency

I know there have been some similar questions but I was wondering if anyone has experimented with a longer periods of time before their cheat days and what their results might be? Not going more t...

Jul 29th 2011
username blogged:

Member intro: let's do this thing

Hi all! I'm excited to get started and join the rest of you in getting my "4 hour body". I am a 19 (almost 20) year old male who's always had bad body image issues and I'm hoping I'm on ...

Jul 29th 2011