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My 4HB Goal: To get down to 20% body fat, which is half what I am right now.





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THEMissMolly commented on Britt's reply:

He said he hasn't seen enough research about it recommend or not recommend it so he'd rather avoid it. The research I've read shows that it actua...

Aug 11th 2011
THEMissMolly asked a question:

Sugar Substitutes

While snacking is a fairly big no-no in Tim's world, it is something I have always done, so I decided to find ways to do it well. In my research I came across a table I found incredibly interest...

Aug 11th 2011
THEMissMolly replied to eversharp's question:

Cottage Cheese - Threat or Menace?

I usually get whipped cottage cheese, which helps you avoid the weird lumpy texture. I like to mix it with stuff, which on this diet is a little more challenging than normal; but still possible. ...

Aug 11th 2011
THEMissMolly blogged:

Feeling the burn...two days later

I started 4HB on Monday of this week (it's Thursday now). I started the exercises on Tuesday morning. I couldn't believe how quick and easy they were. I doubted entirely that I actually DID any...

Aug 11th 2011