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My 4HB Goal: To loose the chub factor! 10-15 kg needs to go by the end of october



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sofiealex asked a question:

animal fat? whats the go?

its it ok to consume animal fat eg. from a lamb chop on this diet?

Jul 27th 2011
sofiealex asked a question:

is butter ok?

tim says it is it the only other ingredient is salt does he mean meat + butter + salt? isnt butter still dairy ?

Jul 25th 2011
sofiealex commented on mtmcgill's reply:

thanks heaps guys i'm glad to hear sticking to the diet is such a large percent of the effort! hopefully i will get into a routine! Re: mtmcgill'...

Jul 21st 2011
sofiealex commented on MrPWG's reply:

Thanks heaps guys i will try to prove them all wrong! i really would like to hear that im losing weight from them hopefully they wont hassle me af...

Jul 21st 2011
sofiealex asked a question:

The 19 year old girl beginning help!

Today was supposed to be day one of my 4HB and im really finding it hard. None of my friends are very supportive of this new life change i am trying to put into action. I also live in a house wher...

Jul 21st 2011
sofiealex asked a question:

Can someone please mentor me!

Hi my name is sofie and I really need help getting started im 19 and 5'3 In the last two years i have put on 15 kg would really like to get back to a healthy and comfortable weight! I now weig...

Jul 21st 2011