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    Jan 21st 2013
    Amorpheus commented on Litfuel's reply:

    I´ve dropped 5,3 kilos with a 5% reduction in bodyfat. I have had the occasional massive cheat day - barbeque, drinking beer, rum, coke a cola, a...

    Aug 9th 2012
    Amorpheus blogged:

    Something is working.

    I´m taking next to no supplements: 400mgr chromium polynicotinate once per day (with lunch), on the days that I remember. 1 capsule of ZMA in the mornings (not prior to bed as the vitamin B5 doe...

    Aug 8th 2012

    The literature you have read, and that which I have read completely contradict each other. Somebody seems to be lying eh? By the way, I´m not say...

    Jul 13th 2012

    I´m great! Dukan diet appears to be working. Today I weighed in at my lowest for the last 4 years! 76.6 kilos @ 22.2% Bodyfat! I did the geek to ...

    Jul 13th 2012
    Amorpheus replied to Nicholas Grundy's question:

    G2F supplements in Australia?

    I ordered from - can´t remember which one of the products they didn´t have in stock. Their customer "attention" was good - they were very pleasant. But they took abso...

    Jul 13th 2012
    Amorpheus blogged:

    Last ditch attempt

    I tried slow carb - didn´t notice a difference in bodyweight or bodyfat I stopped whey shakes - didn´t notice a difference in bodyweight or bodyfat I tried PAGG - didn´...

    Jul 11th 2012
    Amorpheus replied to Michael Ragsdale's question:

    Does diet soft drinks increase insulin response?

    short answer: Yes (in general) - they tend to contain aspartame or other artificial sweetners. long answer: Yes, studies (so I´m told) suggest that they provoke the same type insulin response as...

    Jul 11th 2012

    Hi Dominique - sorry for not answering sooner. My fitness train got derailed! The carb blockers I was using are extract of white kidney beans. I t...

    Jun 21st 2012

    oops, didn´t log in for a few months. I get into the bath when around half of the ice has melted. This is to make sure that it has time to cool d...

    Mar 12th 2012

    I´d say 25% or maybe more - I´m going by what I see in the mirror and on my digital scales

    Mar 12th 2012
    Amorpheus replied to PerspectiveSourceD's question:

    What does Timothy Ferriss or the 4hb crowd have to say about marijuana?

    The opinions expressed here are a result of my EXPERIENCE, I´m not standing on the outside looking in I say things how I see them. This is not aimed at you personally because I don´t know you...

    Feb 3rd 2012

    I´ve never actually measured, but I can make a guess: Let´s assume: 1) water temperature stayed constant. i.e. all my body did was melt the ice...

    Jan 25th 2012

    I notice the effect of the green tea - reduces my appetite.

    Dec 2nd 2011
    Amorpheus asked a question:

    When should I notice PAGG working?

    So I placed a mega order on bodybuilding(dot)com - they didn´t have one of the supplements and I waited for over a month before having them cancell my order (without asking me). I decided to tr...

    Nov 28th 2011
    Amorpheus commented on wombat's reply:

    I dig what you´re saying about not messing around and getting straight down to business. My only guess at why he´d say about getting in slowly w...

    Oct 27th 2011
    Amorpheus commented on mtmcgill's reply:

    I´ve just had my second bath - more water than the previous one, managed to induce shivering in 15 minutes, stayed in the bath for another 15 min...

    Oct 26th 2011

    I don´t think I´m carrying that much insulation around, although that´s relative. 81kilos @25% bodyfat. Where I live, ambient temperature can h...

    Oct 26th 2011
    Oct 26th 2011
    Amorpheus asked a question:

    Ice baths - too often?

    So in the book, Tim mentions baths 3 times per week. What is the maximum number of baths you´ve done in a week? Has anyone had any negative side effects from the baths? (excluding hypothermia ...

    Oct 26th 2011
    Amorpheus commented on mtmcgill's reply:

    * If you don´t shiver at any stage, you need more ice. * If whilst in the bath you start to shiver and then stop shivering before you get out of...

    Oct 26th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to stuffins's question:

    ice packs directly on skin?

    you will burn yourself unless you put something between your skin and the ice pack. My freezer is at a temperature of -17°C, I speak from experience

    Oct 26th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to dirkburger's tip:

    instead of buying bags of ice.

    I did the same thing this summer.... was able to produce at least 8 kilos of ice for each bath, trouble was that the ambient temperature was melting the ice too fast. Tried another ice bath last ...

    Oct 26th 2011

    oh, by the way when I say "add" capsules, I mean open them and empty them into the food, then give it a good mix to distribute the powde...

    Oct 19th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to Babetravelling's question:

    PAGG overdose?

    The best solution I can think of is (bearing in mind): ALA=300mg. You just wanna take 100mg Garlic= 600 mg. Only 200 mg is needed in a meal Green tea=500mg. Only 325 mg is needed. So you can ...

    Oct 19th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to kiki's question:

    Fat intake

    I regularly have a tablespoon of linseed oil at breakfast I use olive oil and mayonaise for dressings on salads. Insulin surges appear to be what causes your body to store carbs as fat. As a gen...

    Oct 19th 2011
    Amorpheus voted for JJJ's reply to:
    Oct 19th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to Rachael T.'s question:

    Protein Shake for Woman >30% BF

    I buy pasteurized egg whites by the liter. I´m not a big egg fan, so I actually find it easier to stomach the egg whites raw. The pasteurized egg whites are a proper "liquid" texture, n...

    Oct 6th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to brotherwayne's question:

    3 weeks no progress, PAGG no effect, plateaued!!

    Ice baths - increases the brown fat (which burns more fat) - it seems that this tends to kick start fat loss for a lot of people. 6 minute abs exercises - helps get rid of pot belly look. Minimu...

    Oct 4th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to bzembower's question:

    Suggestions for a skinny cyclist ?

    If you want to build muscle, testosterone is your friend. Fat is necessary for testosterone production. Tim took "Fat shakes" to boost testosterone levels. You can build muscle whilst ea...

    Sep 29th 2011
    Amorpheus commented on JJJ's reply:

    will do!

    Sep 28th 2011
    Sep 27th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to marcush's question:

    Disrupted sleep on vitd3 and cod liver oil

    I tried taking a ZMA supplement to boost testosterone production. All the reviews raved about improved sleep quality and crazy, vivid dreams, along with morning wood etc etc... everything that thi...

    Sep 26th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to mrkaljabusiness's blog post:

    1 month experiment (adding muscles)

    There are some "information gaps" in the book. Tim doesn´t state when he worked out (i.e. morning or afternoon). I´d say the following to answer your questions: * Eat breakfast BEFOR...

    Sep 26th 2011
    Amorpheus commented on mtmcgill's reply:

    lucky you! I put 12 kilos of ice into my bath and barely shivered at all (40°C ambient temperatures) The thing to avoid is getting so cold that y...

    Aug 31st 2011

    I used 12 kilos of ice last night, got some slight shivering, but my bathtub isn´t very big. I submerged everything except head, hands and the pa...

    Aug 26th 2011
    Amorpheus asked a question:

    whey protein substitute

    So lots of people have managed to find different sorts of protein powders/shakes. I´m looking for one that fulfills the following criteria: * internationally available (or for me, available in s...

    Aug 25th 2011

    I tried ice baths - using up to 8 kilos of ice, but atmospheric temperatures of up to 40°C (it´s really hot in seville) meant I couldn´t induce...

    Aug 25th 2011

    the weight loss you´ve seen may be due to burning muscle glycogen, don´t be surprised if after eating carbs your muscles fill up their glycogen ...

    Aug 25th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to zannix's question:

    SCD with my own gym program?

    when bulking your progress would probably be faster with full body workouts, as this is supposed to ellicit a greater hormonal response. But I don´t see any reason why your own gym program wouldn...

    Aug 23rd 2011
    Amorpheus replied to Juan's question:

    Occams Intake

    All calories are not created equally. 100 calories of sugar is not the same as 100 calories of baked potatoes - the sugar creates a big insulin spike which is what will cause your body to store i...

    Aug 22nd 2011
    Amorpheus replied to olivier's question:

    No supplements, no protein shakes ?

    I did G2F for 6 weeks whilst on slow carb. I took some shakes, and some egg whites, although no-where near what I should have been eating. I did some estimation calcs, but don´t know if I´m on ...

    Aug 22nd 2011
    Amorpheus replied to Mags's question:

    Trial Fat Fast starting tomorrow!

    sounds very similar to the ketogenic diet - all calories come from fat / protein (except a MAXIMUM of 25 grams of carbs per day) to get the body into ketosis. You do this monday to friday (or any ...

    Aug 22nd 2011
    Amorpheus commented on tezzayk's reply:

    Tezzayk could be right, are you pigging out once a week?

    Aug 16th 2011
    Amorpheus replied to Dominique Martin's question:

    Can sweeteners ruin it all?

    Probably wont screw it up altogether, but some sweeteners DO PROVOKE an insulin response. Simply put: Some sweeteners = insulin spike = signal to body to store blood sugar as fat AND to store bl...

    Aug 16th 2011