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My 4HB Goal: Why Ryan Reynold's body of course!







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Conclusion You are unique. You are not Tim Ferris. You must find what works for you. Half heartedly attempting to meet your goals will end up i...

Aug 5th 2011

A note on excuses: I get tired of hearing excuses. You will get nothing in life without trading something for it. You want to look like Ryan Re...

Aug 5th 2011
BobbyBigGuns asked a question:

Request: Mental/Spiritual Category

I'd like to see a mental/spiritual category. Dealing with most of the concepts in 4HB are 80% mental and people like me need assistance with breaking the mental barriers we have.

Aug 5th 2011
BobbyBigGuns blogged:

Blog: Regular Hunger vs Ravenous Hunger

I have been on an intentional journey to improve my health since March 2011. As of August 5th, 2011 I have lost 50 pounds. I have certainly gained muscle so I bet I have lost 60 pounds of fat. ...

Aug 5th 2011

Stop eating cottage cheese for a week and see what happens. I can't lose weight with cottage cheese period. No sausage at breakfast unless it is...

Aug 5th 2011

You don't need almond butter if you are using coconut oil or macadamia n ut oil to cook your eggs in. Add a little extra if for that Omega boost....

Aug 5th 2011
BobbyBigGuns shared a tip:

TIP: Want Organic Free Range Eggs? Try

So I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out where to purchase organic free range eggs where the chickens are not fed corn, soy, etc and actually eats bugs. Low and behold I bring you cr...

Aug 4th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to adamdodson's blog post:

Member intro: Adam

You are probably in the same boat I was. I suggest that you make some radical changes in ALL AREAS of your life if you want to meet your goals and keep them. Clearly what you have been doing isn...

Aug 3rd 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to bryna ng's question:

how to stop snacking? is snacking okay ?

Just to expand on what has already been said, I struggled with just wanting to snack/eat. I admit that I like to eat. It took me many months to mostly get over it. However, when you have an ons...

Aug 3rd 2011


Aug 2nd 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to alexlarge's question:

Casein or Whey Protein???

Neither in my opinion. I don't like any cow based proteins due to the fact that 1) you never know if the cows have hormones injected in them, 2) antibiotics are almost always given to cows and 3)...

Aug 2nd 2011

Try a couple hard boiled eggs right before you go to bed. Due to the water I drink, I get up a lot at night going to the toilet and eating an egg...

Aug 1st 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to xande gouveia's question:

Cheese is allowed?

I add goat cheese to almost every meal I make (5-6 a day) and I try to not to exceed 4 ouces. 4 ouces is one plastic container. Trader Joes has the best deal on this. I work out so the extra gl...

Aug 1st 2011

You certainly can do this and I have to admit, it sounds great. But I subscribe to a different philosphy most days. I try to eat raw veggies ver...

Aug 1st 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to kurtzies's question:

Do I have to eat Vegetables at every meal?

The short answer is as much as you can. They really are the building blocks of health and nutrition. I used to call myself an anti-vegetarian. I would rather eat meat all day. But when I decid...

Aug 1st 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to jaycfields's question:

Diet Altering Suggestions

Change from 3 meals a day to 6. Cut meals size by a third. Take pictures of everything your eating and post them online for others to criticize. Put your eggs in the morning over a bed of baby...

Aug 1st 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to BSprout's question:

Why rinse canned lentils?

SALT. Canned anything has a lot of salt. Salt makes y ou retain water. Rinse them and you decrease the salt by as much as 40%.

Jul 30th 2011

Not sure I can agree with you on this. It really depends on what he is trying to accomplish. With workouts 7 days a week, he needs carbs and dep...

Jul 30th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to joe4ta's question:

feedback on my slow carb so far

Define workout 7 days a week. That can easily be excesive and retard your fat loss due to lack of healing. Not to mention the body (especially my body) adapts quickly to workouts and I get demin...

Jul 30th 2011

Mayo is made of eggs (usually egg whites), oil and spices...... All of which are allowed. make sure it doesn't have sugar, etc in it.

Jul 30th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to entropin's question:

Lots of brown beens?

I use hot pepperocinis to kill a craving. May take 2-4, but its still 10 calories and forces me to drink water. Give it a try. Also, grab your ipod and go for a walk. Preferably at a location ...

Jul 29th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to jennyncampbell's question:

Not losing enought weight

I am more concerned with your exercise. If you have been doing any exercise 3 times a week for a year, your body won't consider that exercise anymore. It is just normal and your body has adapted...

Jul 29th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to nickhamblen's question:


Create a rediculous blog with all your bad pictures and lessons learned and make sure everyone on the internet can see it. If you have to explain something (i.e. teach it), you will learn it bett...

Jul 29th 2011

49 Pounds as of this morning. I actually stalled going on the SCD as per the book. I was already on my own version of it. My biggest issue with...

Jul 29th 2011
BobbyBigGuns commented on Biegs's reply:

I prefer pinto myself. But I need to switch it up from time to time. Pinto may be the worst beans for you, but they are still better than your a...

Jul 25th 2011

Fresh diced tomatoes 1/2 jalapeno diced 1/2 cup beans I made from dry hard boiled egg (or 2) diced pepper hot sauce I even add diced broccoli (or...

Jul 24th 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to riotsauce's question:

Da belly fat...

Have you checked out the challenges section? Laura has a 30 day challange that will show your abs. Try it out. By the way, do you do the cat vomit exercise? After 2 sessions of that I have not...

Jul 22nd 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to msabc's blog post:

Member intro: 2.5 week female and no result...

Add beans to every meal. Frying eggs? Add bean to the pan. Making a salad? Add beans. Make a large bag of organic beans on Sunday and keep them in the fridge. Cooking meat? Add beans to the...

Jul 22nd 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to yarnphreak's question:

Why do I get so sleepy on the SCD?

Are you exercising? Exercise is the best thing you can do to help with energy levels. That and eat enough quality food. What supplaments are you taking? Still tired? Take a cold shower. I am ...

Jul 22nd 2011
BobbyBigGuns replied to christi73's question:

How much beans should I eat?

Every body is different. Eating too much of anything will halt weight loss. How many meals a day are you eating? I prefer 4-5 meals myself. Sometimes 6. I like them small and satisfying. ...

Jul 22nd 2011
BobbyBigGuns blogged:


I started my quest for new health and Ryan Reynold's body in late March 2011. Being over fat most of my adult life, it was time for me do something. I had already lost 45+ pounds and made my own...

Jul 20th 2011