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My 4HB Goal: I want to get abs again and lose about 10kg and gain 5kg muscle.



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4hourfanatic shared a tip:

Better black beans

You guys gotta try this, I found that dried black beans are superior for a couple of reasons; 1. about 3 times less at a cup a day this is about $300 a yr savings over canned. 2. no salt 3. no ...

Jan 25th 2012
4hourfanatic shared a tip:

Get the beans out of the can

You know when you open a can of beans and beans are stuck on the bottom of the can? To get all the beans out just flip the can upside down and open the can- that way everything comes out perfec...

Oct 18th 2011
4hourfanatic asked a question:

Weight loss but in the wrong places

I have dropped about 8 lbs in under a month and my waist measurement has gone down maybe 1-2cm so far, but I seem to be loosing fat in all the wrong places, like upper chest/shoulders area and but...

Aug 3rd 2011

Ya, I am stalled out too. I am tracking and weighing everything, the only thing I am missing is maybe another 5grams of protein in the morning and...

Jul 20th 2011
4hourfanatic asked a question:

Lunges vs Kettlebell? what do you like better?

I have a 35lb pro kettle bell (exercise protocol as in book), I really like it but I find that I get more sore/feel like I get a better workout with dumbbell lunges (55lbs each side X 5x8-10). Usu...

Jul 17th 2011
Jul 16th 2011