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So, how did the trial go? did you continued it? I'm on a month old plateau and after reading your post I was considering giving it a try.

Nov 3rd 2011

I consider myself a sniper of the toilet!!

Oct 20th 2011

The lowest i got was 13.9c and got no shivering, by the time i was out of the bath tub the water was 16c. I NEED MORE ICE!!!

Aug 25th 2011
willydogusa replied to Jessica Sleight's question:

What do you eat for Breakfast?

I usually saute 120gr of peeled shrimps with 1 full egg and 4 whites with some onions and black pepper, sometimes when I don't feel much hungry i just do 240gr of peeled shrimp sauteed (its not al...

Aug 5th 2011
willydogusa replied to yuriythebest's tip:

What you eat VS how much

You shouldn't eat like a bird after your cheat day because its going to do you more harm then good, If you stick to the diet on non cheat days instead of eating a piece of choccolate or a cookie h...

Aug 2nd 2011
willydogusa replied to BSprout's question:

Why rinse canned lentils?

I notice that when I rinse any kind of canned beans alot of foam start forming and after a few second dissapear, who knows what kind of preservatives they put in there. That's enough for me to mak...

Jul 29th 2011
willydogusa replied to Skittles11's question:

2 Cheat days within 5 days of each other?

At the beginning I use to have a cheat-day every 7 days, but after a month I switched it to every 14, I didn't need them so close together. As mentioned already i would skip it and wait for thurs...

Jul 29th 2011
willydogusa replied to Josh Kocurek's question:

Kettlebell Swings: The Story of my T-Handle

I would love to build a T-handle, for the last two months I have been looking for the bottom plate/flange in every store here in Italy, but none has it (they don't even know what it is). I found a...

Jul 29th 2011
willydogusa replied to Traps45's question:

This is Awesome!!!

I love it too, in my mind I don't even think/realize that I'm dieting, I also fell less stressed then on a regular diet. VIVA SCD!!!

Jul 27th 2011
Jul 27th 2011
willydogusa asked a question:

Bresaola and Prosciutto crudo

The SCD already took away my pasta and now them? Jokes aside I was wondering if you guys think bresaola and prosciutto crudo could be implemented in our diet. 100g of Bresaola Cals: 151Kcal Fats:...

Jul 27th 2011
willydogusa asked a question:

This might be a stupid tip

Since I started drinking at least one gallon of water i notice that i need to pee pretty often, maybe ten times a day, so I decided to use that time to my advantege. What I do with my free arm is...

Jul 26th 2011
willydogusa replied to dylan debiase's question:

Trigger your Fat loss into hyperdrive

After reading your tip I started drinking 2 gallons a day, I noticed that my hands felt dry like if I wasn't getting enough water. I Asked here on the site to see if I could get some possible exp...

Jul 26th 2011

Yes, I'm taking a multivitamin in the day and before bed I take magnesium and calcium.

Jul 26th 2011

I weight 226lb and I'm doing just some walking as exercise.

Jul 26th 2011
willydogusa asked a question:

strange feeling with lots of water

I started drinking around 2 gallons of water as suggested from a member to try to boost a little my weight loss, the strange thing is that my hands feel a little dry like if I wasn't getting enoug...

Jul 25th 2011
willydogusa replied to Slowbites's question:

What are your favorite and most useful ways to track your progress, process and results?

I use Fitday in its free form, it let me input custom food so I can track what I eat precisely.

Jul 25th 2011

I'm already using ice packs like those but i wanted something a little more drastic!

Jul 25th 2011
willydogusa asked a question:

Correct temperature for ice bath

I have a really small freezer so the quantity of ice that i can produce is minimal and buying is not an option because here in Italy I can't find ice bags like I use to in the US. Right now the lo...

Jul 16th 2011