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onesixfive replied to rmckenz1's question:

Applying 5K to 50K principles to shorter races

I am doing a half marathon in April and me and the guy I am doing it with are using the same 12 week program in the book. I don't see any reason to cut it down for the shorter distance. I will let...

Dec 12th 2011


Jul 25th 2011
onesixfive replied to alexey's question:

Most effective shoulders exercise?

Try doing upright rows or lateral raises. You will be able to do a lot more weight with the rows but they both work the same parts of the shoulders.

Jul 24th 2011
Jul 24th 2011
onesixfive replied to LauraCox's question:

From Geek to Freak: Final Results

Awesome results! The fat loss and muscle gain is very obvious but you can also really notice how much better your posture is.

Jul 24th 2011
onesixfive replied to chrisfromthelc's question:

Myopic crunch videos?

The pause at the top is very important. I have been doing these for a few weeks and was wondering if I was doing them right as well, so I went back and read the instructions in 4HB again(I wasn't ...

Jul 23rd 2011
onesixfive shared a tip:

Member intro: Frozen Angus Burgers at Costco

Just thought I'd share a easy tasty protein for the Slow Carb Diet. I keep them in the freezer at work to help me avoid cheating during the week. Matt

Jul 17th 2011