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nessie replied to Nin Nappi's question:

weighing and menstral cycle

I don't find the 10 day thing to be true, but my cycle lasts 7 days, where I know some people last less/longer, so I suppose it could be true for some. For the first time ever I am taking midol t...

Aug 17th 2011
Jul 28th 2011
nessie replied to dmpender's question:

What is your favorite SCD Recipes... GO!

I am not a fan of beans (though I will eat canned refried beans), so I found a great greek recipe for lima beans, and also used them with lupini beans (don't reccomend them, have to soak for a wee...

Jul 23rd 2011
nessie commented on loretta's reply:

fantastic! thanks for sharing. I am on week 3 and am looking forward to week 5! Seeing your photo has made me excited!

Jul 15th 2011
nessie commented on yarnphreak's reply:

thanks! we have dinner guests on my cheat day, so I may have something sweet after. But I will abstain from the baked potato, because I actually...

Jul 15th 2011
nessie asked a question:

am I doing cheat day correctly?

I always watched what I ate before this, and even though my cheat days haven't been as crazy as what I have heard described, they don't seem to be working for me. Last cheat day I had eggs for ...

Jul 15th 2011
nessie commented on candacey's reply:

wow, those egg muffins sound great, good idea! I eat a lot of scrambled eggs in the morning, with chopped peppers or anything else in my fridge. ...

Jul 13th 2011
Jul 13th 2011
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Jul 13th 2011
nessie blogged:

Best diet ever so far!

I am coming up to the end of my second week and am pleased with the results thus far. My husband and I love to cook so we are experimenting to keep it interesting. I find I have to get up earlie...

Jul 13th 2011