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Aug 5th 2011
aerolex commented on m ami.ane's reply:

Thanks for the advice Mami ane!

Jul 26th 2011
aerolex asked a question:

Help Needed : Critique Plan for Slow Progress

Cheers to all you 4HB Pros here on this forum! I'm on my 10th Day of the SCD and I'm hoping to get some sage advice and insight on my approach to the plan as I'm seeing little progress in these f...

Jul 21st 2011
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30-Day Six Pack Sprint: Before You Begin

Take the 30-day Six Pack Challenge and join members jackedup and Yes as they race to get ripped six pack abs. They are both around ~16% body fat an...

Jul 20th 2011

Sounds Great ! Quick question about the SALSA ... I just bought some FRESH SALSA from TRADER JOES and it's an un-canned SALSA but I noticed it has...

Jun 29th 2011

THANKS FOR THE TIPS ! I do indeed love tuna and will definitely be stocking up on the Tuna in Water pouches for the coming weeks

Jun 29th 2011
Jun 29th 2011
aerolex asked a question:

Help: Breakfast TIPS for non-cooks ( Microwaving )

Hello to all you 4HB pros here on this forum, So, I'm a No0b in seek of some serious help. I'm currently preparing to begin the SCD in the coming weeks and I'd like to ask you for some help. I'm...

Jun 28th 2011
aerolex asked a question:

Breakfast Options for Non-Cooks

Hello all you 4HB Pros here in these forums, I'm prepping myself to begin this diet in the coming weeks and I'm a student here in NYC and have NO KITCHEN. I only have a Microwave and for the most...

Jun 28th 2011
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Jun 28th 2011