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m81plus2 asked a question:

what is your caloric balance like?

So i've finally started self experimenting and have been subtracting and adding things to my diet to try and get the most results from the SCD. Two weeks ago I removed alcohol (red wine), sausage...

Aug 15th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
m81plus2 commented on TeaLove's reply:

Thanks Tealove, I don't really have any domino foods and I don't consume nuts. The mixed veggie pack has all SCD approved veggies with no added ...

Jul 8th 2011

Thanks for your comment Akane. I generally eat 1 chicken leg quarter for a meal and without skin. I also make sure the excess oil is drained out...

Jul 8th 2011
m81plus2 asked a question:

can't lose weight. any ideas on my diet/exercise?

I started on Jan 1st of this year at 200 lbs and during the first week lost 4 pounds. I have been following the diet for the most part to the T and got down to 193 but somehow (without changing m...

Jul 7th 2011
m81plus2 asked a question:

browning meat and GI?

I saw in a previous post someone had mentioned that "overcooking" or browning your meat will cause the glycemic index of the meat to rise therefore heavily affect your blood sugar/weight...

Jun 29th 2011