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My 4HB Goal: To get a toned body and be able to fit into size 34 or smaller pants comfortably.



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sjsj commented on phate's reply:

Phate -- if I do the Occam's exercises along with a standard SCD (not the face-stuffing Occam's diet), is that a waste of time, or will it get me ...

Oct 16th 2011
sjsj commented on kimpossible's reply:

Awesome, thanks! Getting back into the swing of things (pardon the pun) and this was just what I needed.

Oct 16th 2011
sjsj commented on drizzle's reply:

Hey, Really appreciate your taking the time to offer advice. Perhaps my question was a little unclear, so let me clarify: I'm not looking to lose...

Oct 16th 2011
sjsj asked a question:

What happens if you do Occam's Protocol without changing your diet?

Hi, Getting ridiculously ripped is not a priority for me; I just want to get toned and lose another 5-10 pounds of fat, without going on the Last Mile diet. (I am a 6'1'' guy with a fairly skinny...

Jun 29th 2011