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    Gretchen Linden shared a tip:

    I now have 100 lbs off!!!!!!!!!!

    It's been quite a while since I've been on here. I've been dealing with ovarian cancer since Jan this year (2013). I don't have the ability to post pics yet, but "old-timers" like Mar...

    Dec 17th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Jorge Quintero's question:

    Has anyone had Cheat WEEKENDS?

    I've done it without consequence. Gains were same as other weekends and then losses too. But I'm not at goal yet and of course every body is different. The only way for you to know is to just try...

    Sep 14th 2013

    I meant to type: "Taubes has no agenda and is not selling any plan....."

    Aug 15th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Alexander's question:

    The "Why we get fat" book by Gary Taubes

    I agree. It blows conventional wisdom out of the water and was a real eye opener. I go nuts when folks blabber on about calories as if they are the only thing that matters. And when someone tal...

    Aug 15th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Mitchy Campbell's question:

    Eating on the go

    I provided a long list of options in a post a while back. Search my answers or. "Out and about" etc. I am replying right now by phone and cannot search for the link for you otherwise...

    Aug 15th 2013

    R B. No, I don't do intermittent fasting and I also don't do anything to minimize cheat day damage. I do no exercise at all. I did put twenty of...

    Aug 8th 2013

    Regarding the "happy diet", I drove people nuts the first few months because I couldn't stop talking about how great it was! My daughte...

    Aug 8th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to R B's question:

    Don't you think that the SCD could be called "The Happy Diet"?

    Over two years for me!! (With an eight month break this year while dealing with a health issue ). 85 lbs off. I LOVE SCD and believe in it so strongly because I understand the science behind it.

    Aug 8th 2013

    PPS.....someone once told me that people do not look at us and see a number over our heads! They WILL however notice a leaner look, a big smile, a...

    Jun 29th 2013

    PS.....I'm 55, female, 85 lbs off on SCD

    Jun 29th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Stefanie Marie's question:

    Happy & Disappointed (week 5)- why did the scale not move!?

    Ignore that weight !!! It is only one tiny piece of (barely useful) data! Rejoice in having had a great week behaviorally and ENJOY your cheat day!!! I have often compared my weight graph to a...

    Jun 29th 2013

    I think you meant 'chia",,,,,right? The seeds also used in Chia Pets.

    Jun 29th 2013

    TF recommends no more than 2 Tblsp heavy cream per day. (I use more than that)

    Jun 26th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to coolbeans's question:

    Trouble eating enough food...

    Can you add avocados? How about using as much butter, ghee, or olive oil as you can stand on your salads and cooked veggies? Roasting veggies in oil? Also, spoonfuls of coconut oil will help. ...

    Jun 25th 2013

    Spoonfuls of coconut oil. While not particularly pleasant it's not horrible either and is a great way to increase calories. A very beneficial fa...

    Jun 24th 2013

    Cool! Thanks, and I am glad it helps!

    Jun 21st 2013

    And don't forget a few olives for fabulous flavor hits!

    Jun 21st 2013

    Welcome! What we are trying to do in drastically slashing the fast carbs is to "swing the needle" from sugar burning to fat burning,so ...

    Jun 21st 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Nicola Davison's question:

    No appetite

    It's not so much a literal shrinking of the stomach as it is an indication that the hormones that dictate appetite and hunger.....specifically lepton and insulin....are being "reordered"...

    Jun 21st 2013

    For an enlightening explanation of why calorie reduction can NOT work for anyone in the long term, go to YouTube and search Sean Croxton Fat Loss ...

    Jun 21st 2013

    Of course ymmv

    Jun 20th 2013

    Avocado also

    Jun 20th 2013

    I Agree with Tom. When I added more fats while in a stall it started moving again. Lost 7 lbs in a week. Ate nuts extra butter and ate spoonf...

    Jun 20th 2013

    Yes, Brenda, I think if you are brave enough to try it, it would be a valuable experiment. I've read in so many places that the body is designed ...

    Jun 15th 2013

    Brenda, I've been seeing your posts about the long stall. If you're game, I'd try REALLY upping the fats for a week or so and see what happens. ...

    Jun 14th 2013

    Frank's hot sauce is fine. I sometimes make buffalo wings with just that and butter. Many salsas have added sugar. If you are not making your o...

    Jun 14th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Stefanie Marie's question:

    Need Help!! Week three. Questions and frustrations

    Where are the veggies??!!! You need as many as you can get. We need the nutrients and the fiber. DON'T go by what the scale says (one weight at a time, that them over the LONG HAU...

    Jun 14th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to 4hourRookie's question:

    3.6 LB weight gain!

    You know yourself best, and if you suspect not having a full-on cheat day will mess up your efforts for the coming week, then go crazy with your cheat day! Get it out of your system! The MAIN th...

    Jun 8th 2013

    (cont'd) On top of that, fructose is metabolized much differently than other sugars. Straight to the liver. For VERY interesting reading, see Gar...

    Jun 8th 2013

    Lavrin - regarding fruit...."how can it be bad/God created it?" Well, we are not eating it the way He created it! Fruit is now availab...

    Jun 8th 2013

    I even tested the bread / flour thing one cheat day....see my story here.....

    Jun 7th 2013

    I have to chime in on the allergies topic -- I am CERTAIN it's because of the (mostly) absence of processed foods that contain wheat (or any regul...

    Jun 7th 2013

    SCD also reorders the intricate balances of hormones that govern hunger, satiation and fat-storage vs fat-burning. I'm awed by what I've learned ...

    Jun 7th 2013

    I agree with Angela!! It's AMAZING and wonderful to not be hungry all the time or be a slave to cravings!! It's because SCD gets us off the carb...

    Jun 7th 2013

    I wasn't suggesting you give them "trash"-- what I had in mind were sources of more carbs that come from whole foods. I thought that wa...

    Jun 4th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Lauren Featherstone's question:

    SCD for children?

    They don't want spinach salads, but would they eat kale chips? I'm thinking they DO need carbs -- kids are supposed to have and burn a lot of energy! Are there grains or potato dishes that the...

    Jun 4th 2013

    Stephanie-- because in the States, federal guidelines allow them to report anything less than 1 gram as "zero". So, per serving, there ...

    Jun 4th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Madison Perry's question:

    Starting 4HB tomorrow, want to start working out too. Help!

    Madison, I agree with Tom and Jeff here; they've said some very wise things. My own experience is that I have lost 85 lbs so far on SCD without one lick of exercise. I'm 55, with a couple of s...

    Jun 3rd 2013

    PS -- I must add, though, that what is ALWAYS EXCITING is the fact that I can enjoy any of the things I want WITHOUT GUILT, and without feeling li...

    Jun 1st 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Merri's question:

    So Does Treat Day Get Less Exciting as Time Goes on?

    Absolutely, it gets less exciting. I mean I still look forward to things I don't usually have -- mainly ice cream -- but it's amazing how icky most of the carby stuff makes me feel. Tired, gross...

    Jun 1st 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Drew Lilscottishprincess's question:

    Help!! 3 Weeks in.

    The balsamic vinegar might be a real problem....almost all have lots of sugar added. Try switching to red wine vinegar for a while. Also, the sugar-free vanilla creamer....calories don't really...

    Jun 1st 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Tomhole's question:
    May 31st 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Jack Packard's question:

    Cold Food Recipes

    I like making "tuna rollups" -- tuna with butter in romaine. I use the Starkist tuna in oil....great flavor, no "garbage" in it. I don't like mayo, but anyone who does could...

    May 30th 2013
    Gretchen Linden replied to Diana D's question:

    MUST Drink Gatorade, Doctor's Order... Help!

    Your health and safety obviously take priority over any fat loss efforts. Get your health taken care of first, then after things have stabilized, you can consider trying SCD again. You really ...

    May 28th 2013

    And, the reporter got a few things wrong, but the gist of it is accurate.

    May 25th 2013

    If the link does not work, go to Google and search "Gretchen Linden Post Dispatch".

    May 24th 2013

    Thanks, Merri! 85 lbs so far, which would seem like a slow rate to many, but I am up against a few major health problems AND entered menopause du...

    May 24th 2013