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T-C replied to wingtcoach's question:

Intermittent Fasting

I would experiment and see how you feel/ how much weight you lose. Try doing IF for a week with a cheat day, weigh yourself. Do IF for a week without a cheat day and then weigh yourself. See which...

Feb 8th 2012
T-C replied to evaclare's question:

How long would you do the fasting?

I started IF Jan 1st. Two days on two days off. My diet consists of mostly vegetables and red meat (sometimes chicken too). I don't really have cheat days, except that if I feel I need an energy b...

Feb 8th 2012
T-C commented on orezscu86's reply:

Thanks, this is helpful. I never really thought of money as improving quality of life, but I guess that is the point isn't it? I have noticed a st...

Nov 15th 2011
T-C asked a question:

Controlling autoimmune disorders through diet alone?

Hey folks, A little background: about a year ago (coincidentally about 4 months after getting the H1N1 vaccine) I was diagnosed with ITP. A bleeding disorder where my body destroys my platelets...

Nov 15th 2011
T-C replied to monicakaba's question:

Workout from Home!!!

Pushups, myotatic crunch, and any type of cardio would cover the basics.

Oct 12th 2011
T-C replied to Ruby's question:

heat vs ice

I can't speak for the science of it, but here's my experience: Both times I've gone to Iraq, people who spent the majority of their day outside lost about 30lbs (those who were already pretty hea...

Jun 29th 2011
T-C replied to Max's question:

Making abs visible w/o flexing

I don't know what's healthy vs. not healthy when it comes to bodyfat (on the low end, anyway), but I would also suggest bulking up. When you bulk up, incorporate into your routine weighted abdomin...

Jun 29th 2011
T-C commented on yourhero's reply:

Diet Mt. Dew usually takes care of my sweet tooth. Beware the aspartame.

Jun 28th 2011
T-C replied to JMPAZ's question:

Is there a consensus on using a protein shake for the first meal of the day?

I used whey protein as a first meal for a week, that was the only thing I changed in my diet, and I didn't lose any weight that week. Went back to hard-boiled eggs the next week and lost 5lbs. I c...

Jun 28th 2011
T-C commented on Babetravelling's reply:

In Iraq when we didn't have water, we'd use one liter water bottles. Stick them in the fridge all night and use two to shower with in the morning....

Jun 28th 2011
T-C commented on s joshua's reply:

Cushions work great for me.

Jun 28th 2011
T-C replied to jameswendellbell's question:

The Last Mile Workout

Have you tried the six-pack challenge under the challenges tab?

Jun 28th 2011
T-C replied to NoJoke's question:

Bathroom Problems!

I had the same problem. Nothing was working. I went two weeks without a bowel movement. This is what I did. #1 Flush your system with a laxative: Mag Citrate didn't work for me, so I had to use e...

Jun 28th 2011
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Jun 20th 2011
T-C commented on ceco question:

AMAZING results for just 5 days. Great work, man.

Jun 17th 2011
T-C commented on s joshua's reply:

No kidding. I didn't even notice. I'll try to avoid that next time and see how it goes. Thanks!

Jun 17th 2011
T-C commented on casualJr's reply:

So much for my bean and spinach pot-roast.

Jun 17th 2011
T-C commented on downwindz's reply:

Good tip. Definitely worth a shot.

Jun 17th 2011
Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to Canadian's question:

Cheat Day Hangover?

Very much so. I get sick every cheat day and feel like garbage for the next 24hrs. If it wasn't mandatory, I'd quit doing them.

Jun 17th 2011
T-C asked a question:

Has anyone else gotten sick on cheat day? (possible TMI)

I don't know if the food I'm eating on my cheat days is just that much richer than I eat during the week or what? I've had two cheat days so far. The first one gave me diarrhea and the second one ...

Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to Ryan Hacker's question:

water temp

I would suggest slowly turning the knob as cold as it will go and then letting it run over your head, lower back, back of neck and underarms for a total of 5-10 min. After about a week of that, it...

Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to priya's question:

Substitute for spinach?

I highly recommend collared greens or turnip greens. Put some garlic, lite salt, and basil on them. Pretty tasty.

Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to massagejenn's question:

Am I eating too much?

I'd go with ready to drink protein shakes. Walmart has 4 packs of Myoplex shakes (42g protein) for about $10.

Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to Captain Awesome's question:

Who has your ideal bod?

This guy; sans the claws. Your text to link here...

Jun 17th 2011
T-C replied to Jack Daniels's question:

Jack Daniels

No alcohol except for very dry red and very dry white wines. Go hog wild on your cheat day though. And no more than 2 glasses an evening. The idea is not to drink any calories.

Jun 17th 2011