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rm7 commented on TeaLove's reply:

thanks. i added my typical day of food intake (above)

Jun 8th 2011
rm7 commented on s joshua's reply:

thanks! i added a typical day of food for me (above). I do get more than enough protein i think (around 100g a day usually). please let me know wh...

Jun 8th 2011
rm7 asked a question:

Getting stuck...

I started 4 weeks ago. I started my diet at around 158.5lb and i'm now at 152 in two weeks i lost 5.5lb. Since, i'm going up and down every few days to a total of flat to minimal loss. I doubt tha...

Jun 8th 2011
rm7 commented on pdx4hbHolly's reply:


Jun 5th 2011
rm7 asked a question:

Cheat day exercise

Is the idea to do 90 seconds straight of one drill or 90 second in total (with 30-45 sec between 2-3 sets)? do we need only 90 seconds of one drill or we can do several drills to total 90 seconds?...

Jun 4th 2011
rm7 commented on ron.roberts's reply:

thanks - looks great.

Jun 4th 2011
rm7 asked a question:

Going Vegan on SCD

I'm planning to become vegan while on the SCD. What is the best way to replace the proteins and other nutrients of animals food (preferable natural, not artificial supplements if possible...)? i'...

Jun 3rd 2011
rm7 commented on Samsonite's reply:

thanks that makes sense. i just need to make sure to load up on legumes pre workouts, and of course protein after.

May 31st 2011
rm7 asked a question:

moderate workout during SCD

if i work out six times a week for 20-30 minutes each time (three times running, and three times gym), should i adjust my SCD (add carbs etc)? what should i eat pre and after exercise? I'm not tr...

May 31st 2011