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elquent replied to Maria Rider's question:

Week 40-42 Maintenance Results - Yes I have been slacking :)

Akane - I haven't checked in for months. Congratulations on your success! You've done so well. Bravo!

Jun 28th 2013
elquent commented on coolbeans's reply:

"Yes I know tomatoes are on the banned list" Say what now? In the book TF allows tomatoes.

Jun 28th 2013
elquent replied to Brezi Swann's question:


Hi brezi.swann - are you on SCD or are you trying to build muscle/gain weight? Assuming the former, I have been making Julia Child's ratatouille (recipe link below), and adding beans (canned whit...

Jul 26th 2012
elquent commented on Tomhole's reply:

tomhole (interesting moniker, btw) you must admit that a lot of this site is devoted to SCD and many posts like those Litfuel describes, and they ...

Jul 26th 2012
Jul 26th 2012
elquent replied to mkr6taclai's question:

blood testing lab results, What do you think?

Hi @mkr6taclai. Congrats on your progress - so much to be proud of! If you have questions about your blood work you should discuss them with your primary care physician who knows your entire med...

Jul 25th 2012
elquent commented on elquent's reply:

Thanks @Akane! We should all be listening to you. E

May 1st 2012
elquent commented on elquent's reply:

Hi @wombat - Glad to hear it! And hi@ jodyalbritton. The literature on IF is more complex than it may seem. In most of the studies I have read,...

May 1st 2012
elquent replied to janboi's question:

varying dgw?

Hi @janboi. I don't know what your goal is, or how long you've been on SCD. My goal is weight loss and I've been at this about a year. Six months ago I was so cocky, I thought there was nothing...

Apr 29th 2012
elquent replied to aahleyah's question:

what to do when you feel ill and don't have an appitite ?

Hi @aahleyah. Forcing yourself to swallow food you don't want sounds like a terrible idea, and I think you should stop - my opinion. It sounds like torture. First and foremost, you should s...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to wombat's question:

SCD and IF... seems promising...

Hi @wombat. You didn't ask a question, and I'm uncertain whether you are looking for responses or you're just blogging, so please excuse me if my insights are unwelcome. They are meant to be help...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent commented on elquent's reply:

thatruth34pp, it works exactly that way. Define a goal, then make a plan and stick with it. If you're trying to add fat or bloat, you're doing b...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to OwlLady's question:

Cheese, please

Hi @OwlLady. It's confusing in part because there is contradictory information in the book. Bottom line: no dairy other than a little cream in your coffee if you can't live without it. That hav...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to OwlLady's question:

Incredible Edible Egg

Hi @OwlLady. Yes and no. From a dietary point of view they are perfect, but quite frankly, you're going to be eating, as you say,"a lot of eggs in [your] future," and you will inevitab...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to ggg_garo's question:

Gym regime

Yia sou @ggg_garo. There's an interesting paradox that TF writes about in the book: for many people trying to lose weight, the more strenuous the workouts, the slower the weight loss. So you wan...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to rohjac's question:

Second time - not losing weight

Hi @rohjac. Congrats on your initial success; bummer on what's going on now. If you're doing everything right try the classics: make sure you're drinking enough water, not exercising too much, ...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to aahleyah's question:

some help please new to the slow carb

Hi @aahleyah. Hard to know with the information you posted. It looks fine, but I have no way of calculating the amount of protein in an "eggs up cake." You do though. Just add up the...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to thatruth34pp's question:

I've been cheating for 2+1/3 days and no real gain in weight...are carbs actually a problem?

Hi @thatruth34pp. Whether carbs are a problem depends on what your goals are. If I understand your post, you had grain Thursday night in your wrap, your regular binge day Friday, then an additio...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to JacquiA's question:

Can we eat Semolina?

Hi JacquiA. You can eat anything you want on binge day, including semolina, which is the byproduct of durum wheat milling, or any of the products made from it, like pasta. Semolina is wheat and i...

Apr 24th 2012
elquent replied to Lovee_Chanel's question:

Still trying to figure things out

Hi @Lovee_Chanel. You've been with us for nine days and asked six questions, all pretty basic, and all fairly obviously answered in the corresponding chapters of the book. It's fine if you're lo...

Apr 8th 2012
elquent replied to ericnentrup's question:

The Quest For CRUNCH!

Hi @ericnentrup. TF calls peanuts, garbanzo beans, and almonds domino foods "as eating one portion often creates a domino effect of oversnacking." His weight loss stalled three times d...

Apr 6th 2012
elquent replied to lw9012's question:

am i eating enough or too much meat? SCD

Hi @ lw9012. The success stats for people who only eat two meals a day on SCD are not as good as those who eat three meals a day, and that may be why three meals are recommended. The recommendat...

Apr 1st 2012
elquent commented on elquent's reply:

Hi @ Nin Nappi. I haven't tried PAGG, and based on the side effect profile it wouldn't be right for me, but lots of others have tried it and it s...

Mar 28th 2012
elquent replied to Mike25's question:

Airport food?

Hi @Mike25. We'd all like to have a Chipotle in our airports, but I've never seen one. At Bradley airport in Hartford they have a Mexican fast food place that is awful, so not an option. But yo...

Mar 27th 2012
elquent replied to Ahmed Arabi's question:

Anyone worried about gout?

Hi @ MheadArabi. People who already HAVE gout try to limit their protein intake, but eating a high protein diet cannot CAUSE gout. So SCD cannot increase your risk of getting gout, but if you al...

Mar 27th 2012
elquent replied to adacandoit's question:

How do I get my focus back?

Hi @adacandoit. I haven't fallen off the wagon (I also haven't reached my goal weight yet), but I've had days when I couldn't eat another @#$% egg or swallow another ^&*%! legume. I bought...

Mar 26th 2012
elquent replied to Nin Nappi's question:

8 mos success now stall- pagg?

Hi @Nin Nappi. Congrats on your success overall. It's not a problem that you're only weighing yourself 2x per month. Problem is, you're not doing anything else, like taking measurements or usin...

Mar 16th 2012

MercĂ­ mon ami. This is truly an awesome find. Thank you for steering us to it. Now if I can just find a way to get Nom Nom to cook for me...

Mar 13th 2012
Mar 13th 2012
elquent replied to Paula30's question:

First cheat day last Saturday

Hi @Paula30. Yep, you can snack all day. Continued success. E

Mar 12th 2012
elquent replied to booclause's question:

Non-nut type snacks

Hi @booclause. Snacks that work for me include: beef jerky, snap peas, freeze-dried green beans (available on nuts.com), carrots, grape tomatoes, and peanut butter. Check out nuts.com for more ...

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to xanderlam's question:

iifym followers?

Hi @xanderlam. I've read about it, don't follow it. At it's simplest the diet says you can eat anything you want as long as you reach your targeted goal for macronutrients protein, carb and fat....

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to ClaudiaM's question:

i found mozzarella that has the same carbs as cottage cheese

Hi @ClaudiaM. So, no, it's not optimal on SCD. It is recommended that we delete dairy until cheat day. In fact, some on this site claim that staying away from dairy on your cheat day as well (h...

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to Paula30's question:

Lemon juice, cream etc

Hi @Paula30. CREAM: Probably fine, but in truth, TF says to use cream if you can't drink coffee without it. If it's not a necessity you should leave it out with all of the rest of the dairy. C...

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to gibble's question:

4 weeks and no weight loss

Hi @gibble. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble, but I admire your dedication in sticking with the program. At first glance it looks like you're doing pretty much everything right (also frus...

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to ericaishere's question:

tomato sauce

Hi @ericaishere. It depends on the ingredients in your tomato sauce, but yes, that should be fine. Beware of hidden sugar and starches if by "tomato sauce" you really mean spaghetti s...

Mar 5th 2012
elquent replied to setla's question:

First cheat day on day three??

Hi @setla. This is covered in the book. TF recommends you wait. I don't know if it matters in the long run. You'll be following SCD for a long time. Just do what you feel you need to do. It'...

Feb 18th 2012
elquent replied to JemmaJolie's question:

Today was the first time I almost cheated...

Hi @Jemmajolie. I cook a lot and have a fantastic rule you might want to adopt. When I started SCD I decided that from now on I DON'T COOK ANYTHING I CAN'T EAT. Period. No pancakes for the nep...

Feb 18th 2012
elquent replied to kpartin's blog post:

Progress Update

Hi @kpartin. Well done! In Greece they have a saying, "each with his own pain," that means we don't all suffer in the same way, but we each have our own equally valid issues. It's awe...

Feb 18th 2012
elquent replied to juliamakingchanges's question:

Falling back to carbs

Hi @juliamakingchanges. I'm not sure whether you are just sharing your experience or you are asking a question. If you want suggestions that might help you stay on the diet, I would say that you...

Feb 18th 2012
elquent replied to jroskott's question:

Week 3 and need help

Hi @jroskott. If I'm reading this correctly you were one week on, one week off, now four days on. I wouldn't worry about "tweaking" until you've actually been on the diet for more tha...

Feb 15th 2012
elquent replied to fortheloveofoscar's question:

A bunch of questions.

Hi @fortheloveofoscar. So, you're trying to follow a cyclical ketogenic diet. These take a lot of work, and if you want to continue on this way, I recommend you read the work of Dr. Mauro Di Pas...

Feb 11th 2012
elquent replied to FloridaMike's question:

Celery for Snack, Hot Sauce

Hi @Florida Mike. You can at as much celery as you want, whenever you want it. It's true that snacking isn't encouraged because hunger between meals may indicate that you're not eating enough pr...

Feb 10th 2012
elquent commented on Jake's reply:

Hi @JemmaJolie. TF talks about sleep in several places in the book. One suggestion he makes is to eat a handful of Brazil nuts before bed. I ha...

Feb 9th 2012
elquent replied to AKFLY's question:

Chrones and Hello!

Hi @AKFLY. Congrats on your progress. Crohn's disease (CD) can be tough depending on what your girlfriend's specific digestive issues are. CD is highly variable from patient to patient. Some p...

Feb 8th 2012
elquent commented on elquent's reply:

You're very welcome. I'm glad to be of help. Generally speaking, the longer a hard cheese is aged, the less lactose it has, so no, lactose-free ...

Feb 6th 2012
elquent replied to Taquito's question:

How much is enough?

Hi @Taquito. Your English is fine. Congratulations on your success! Progress is often the most rapid in the beginning of the diet, so you lost 11 lbs in two weeks - which is awesome. Don't be ...

Feb 6th 2012
elquent replied to LPC119's question:

What's your take on my cholesterol?

Hi @LPC119. You're fine. I could offer more insight if you provided before and after data, or I knew your sex, age, and fasting glucose levels, but these are good numbers for anyone. Your trigl...

Feb 6th 2012
elquent replied to michele's question:

vegetarian and SCD

Hi @michele. I am so sorry to read about your diagnosis. One positive regarding your choice to eat a veg heavy diet is that there are a lot of veggies with anti-inflammatory properties that can ...

Feb 6th 2012
elquent replied to HappyGranny's question:

Is cocoa butter ok in SCD?

Hi @HappyGranny. Yep. It's fine. Best of luck. E

Feb 5th 2012