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My 4HB Goal: 175 pounds





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Mckoy commented on Sam Green's reply:

Definitely will help for sure. is there a good protein in powder form that i can make for break fast or just for a snack throughout the day? to h...

Jan 25th 2012
Jan 25th 2012
Mckoy commented on arctichacker's reply:

Thanks for the info, ill get back on track for the next couple weeks minus the excersize...

Jan 25th 2012
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Fat Loss Resistance Training: Session 2 of 3

This challenge is a weekly fat-loss training plan which consists of 3 fat-cutting resistance training routines that target different muscle groups ...

Jan 25th 2012
Mckoy asked a question:

Jumpstarting Fatloss

Hey Guys, So after about losing a good 15-20 pounds when i initially started the diet. I then started to slack on my discipline with all the excitement that i was finally on my way of a better an...

Jan 25th 2012
Mckoy commented on Sam Green's reply:

Thanks,Sam, Very helpful, As i inspected the ingredients of a few of my seasonings in my pantry, to my surprise had sugar. -Mckoy

Jan 24th 2012
Mckoy asked a question:

Is seasoning salt allowed?

Hey, is there a restriction on seasoning salt as in Lawrys? when im seasoning my meats. -Mckoy

Jan 23rd 2012
Mckoy changed Mckoy's photo!
Jun 5th 2011
Mckoy asked a question:

Lost weight after my cheat day??

So I have been on Scd for 2 months now Seriously , but 3 months In Total. Although a couple of stalls here and there, the results are very well and more than encouraging to keep going. My Starting...

Jun 5th 2011
Mckoy replied to opelsgirl's question:

How can I cure my headaches?

I have also experienced this but after a couple of weeks, it passed. I remember going to the doctor and he stated that your body can feel like its going through withdrawal.When i noticed that wei...

May 29th 2011