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turner1220 replied to theWizard's question:

help finding unflavored whey protein

http://www.trueprotein.com/Product_Details.aspx?cid=22&pid=73 I bought this product with the unsweetened and plain unflavored with no additives. I have not started this yet, I am planning to st...

Oct 29th 2011
turner1220 commented on TeaLove's reply:

Thank you. I plan on keeping a log of when I took pain meds and what it does to my results, but I was hoping someone else could give me any idea o...

Oct 27th 2011
Oct 26th 2011
turner1220 asked a question:

anyone taking pain meds while on SCD

I am just wondering if anyone has had any results with slow-carb dieting while taking pain meds. I have a knee problem that I was given pain meds so that I can control my pain while the doctors fi...

Oct 25th 2011
turner1220 replied to Vtine311's question:

Olives, glorious salty olives?

Technically olives are a fruit and too much salt is going to cause your body to retain water. Like 42wired said I would introduce them to my diet gradually to see how it affects results and I woul...

Oct 24th 2011
turner1220 replied to Cathieely Enter last name's question:

Is caned ham ok

If you like the taste of ham but do not want to eat real ham you could try smoked pork chops. They have the flavor of ham without the salt and sugar that most ham has in it.

Oct 23rd 2011
turner1220 commented on Dana W's reply:

Thank you, it is nice to know that I am not the only one doing during a deployment.

Oct 2nd 2011
turner1220 asked a question:

Trying to get motivation back

I was on SCD for 5 weeks and did great on it, lost 22.6lbs. Then the stress of my husband getting ready to deploy to Kuwait got the best of me and I stopped. My husband has been in Kuwait for a mo...

Oct 1st 2011
turner1220 replied to JMS610's question:

Gained weight on the first week why?

Please post a days worth of meals so we can see where you might need to adjust. Also you said your cheat day was yesterday afternoon until today what do you mean by that? Are you starting cheat da...

Sep 26th 2011
turner1220 replied to loretta's question:

Avocado Cilantro Deviled Eggs

great looking recipe, I'm going to try these out next weekend at a family get together! Thanks for posting. I have been making deviled eggs using a homemade mayo ( just egg yolks, oil and spices) ...

Aug 29th 2011

I say try it out and track your progress if it slows your progress then you know that the teas are doing it and you can then save the fruit teas f...

Aug 27th 2011

not sure on that. If there is any fruit or fruit juices in the tea then I would stay away from them because of the fructose in it. But if it doesn...

Aug 27th 2011
turner1220 replied to ShinyLibrarian's question:


I love different types of teas as well. But I would caution the use of teas with fruit like the mango and peach ones you suggest due to the fruit not being slow carb. I save the fruity teas for ch...

Aug 27th 2011
turner1220 commented on Britt's reply:

I don't have my book because my husband has it in Kuwait right now. Could you remind me why Tim doesn't recommend spelt?

Aug 11th 2011
turner1220 commented on Britt's reply:

I wish they would ship the the US. These snacks sound really good.

Aug 11th 2011
turner1220 replied to celesteron's question:

Balsalmic vinegar

It is SCD approved. Just watch there a lot of balsalmic products that are really just red wine vinegar with coloring and sugar added. Look for one that has balsalmic in the ingredients.

Aug 3rd 2011
turner1220 replied to sbrown's question:

How do you cook your lentils?

I used Alton Brown basic lentil recipe and then go from there adding dressing and other things like veggies etc. Here is Alton Brown's basic lentil recipe Basic Cooked Lentils: 1 pound brown or gr...

Aug 3rd 2011
turner1220 replied to ms504's question:

Is Mayo ok?

I make my own mayo at home. Everything that I use is slow carb friendly so I don't limit the amount that I use. Here is the recipe I use... Ingredients 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1 tablespoo...

Jul 30th 2011
turner1220 replied to Quirky Bagzo's question:

Do I have to eat crap on spike day?

I had the same problem and started eating just whole grains, fruit, yogurts, and other healthly foods that are not allowed during the rest of the week. I have done this for 2 weeks now and I am st...

Jul 15th 2011
turner1220 replied to kittykittykatkat's question:

Problems in the morning?

One thing that helps me is putting a picture of myself at my heaviest on the fridge door so when I go to get food I have to see what my bad eating habits did to me.

Jul 12th 2011
Jul 11th 2011
Jul 9th 2011
turner1220 replied to Mac's question:

Best way/place to buy boxes of canned beans?

If you have a whole foods near you, they sell entire cases and will give you a discount for buying in bulk. If you buy the 365 brand, which is whole foods brand, I believe it would come close to t...

Jul 2nd 2011

Thank you I had forgotten that Tim had that suggestion in the book. I just don't want to spend the money for a kettle bell and it turn out to be t...

Jul 2nd 2011
turner1220 asked a question:

what size kettlebell to start with

I only have the money to buy one kettle bell. I was hoping that some of you could give me an idea of what size would be good to start out on. I don't want to spend the money on one that I'm going ...

Jul 1st 2011
turner1220 replied to BigV's question:

Confused Newbie

This diet is designed so that you can drop weight without doing the kettlebell or PAGG. I have been on SCD for over a month and I have not used PAGG or done any kettlebell and I have lost 20lbs. ...

Jun 30th 2011
turner1220 replied to ccaste's question:

Can I have BBQ on this diet?

What BBQ are you talking about true BBQ ( meat rubbed with spices and slow cooked with smoke) or just adding BBQ sauce to meat? For True BBQ It depends on the BBQ, if the rub used has sugar in it ...

Jun 30th 2011
turner1220 replied to _nygren's question:

Lemon juice on non-cheat days?

I added lime juice to my water for most of my first month and lost 20lbs. I don't have results yet but I have started drinking a cucumber and lemon water, it is so refreshing on a hot day and give...

Jun 29th 2011
turner1220 asked a question:

How about a section of FAQ

How about a section of FAQ so that everyone will have a reference and we won't get so many repeat questions?

Jun 28th 2011
turner1220 replied to Boardbunny's question:

Uggggg.... Soooo sick after first cheat day!

I have been doing SCD for 4 weeks, I've had 4 cheat days and I have felt this way after each one of them. I never eat a lot on my cheat days and still have the hangover the next day. I am planning...

Jun 26th 2011
Jun 25th 2011

Your meals look pretty good to me. I would only have a few suggestions. 1) try to cut out the milk. The lactose in milk is pretty much all sugar o...

Jun 25th 2011

I am going to cut back to just a cheat meal just because I am tired of feeling so sick the day after a full cheat day.

Jun 25th 2011
turner1220 asked a question:

What meal do you use as your cheat meal?

For those of you that only do a cheat meal rather than a whole cheat day; what meal do you use as your cheat meal? I was thinking that lunch might be the best choice that way I am not going to bed...

Jun 25th 2011
turner1220 replied to dnice53's question:

Just beat temptation!

Great job! I beat out temptation this week too. I was really craving something sweet and before I gave in I got on the scale and saw that I was at a new lowest weight and decided that the sweet wa...

Jun 25th 2011
turner1220 replied to ajgoldman's question:

Female-Barely any weight loss. Is it milk?

this diet doesn't really start working for females until around 4-6 weeks. I would suggest that you post a couple days worth of meals so that people can help give you suggestion of what to try. Th...

Jun 25th 2011
turner1220 replied to ms504's question:

Are green peas considered ok and a go for it legume?

even though peas are technically a legume, I believe for this diet they are considered a vegetable. Tim lists peas in the vegetable list of the foods that worked the best for him in the book.

Jun 22nd 2011
turner1220 replied to Janese3579's question:

Question about the ice water

All of the water that I drink is ice water. The body actually burns calories when you drink ice water because the body has to warm the water to body temp to keep your body temp regulated.

Jun 22nd 2011
turner1220 replied to sixside's question:

What's the best way to move your cheat day to a different day of the week?

I would say either of those would work. Tim says to make sure you have at least 5 days between cheat days, so moving it by one day every week until it is on the day you need shouldn't be a problem...

Jun 22nd 2011
turner1220 replied to Gretchen Linden's question:

Is balsamic vinegar ok to have on SCD? If I had it, it would probably be about 2 T with a meal.

I wouldn't see why you couldn't have it. Just make sure you are getting true balsamic and not the red wine with the caramel coloring added to it that a lot of the vinegar produces are labeling and...

Jun 22nd 2011