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Mills replied to seoulfully's question:

What are quick, easy and cheap sources of protein?

I discovered turkey bacon - quite tasty - and pretty high in protein, very low fat! Goes great with an omelette (with spinach, peppers etc).

May 28th 2011
Mills replied to Suzanne Roberts's question:

Any tips or hints for my first cheat day?

how was the first cheat day?? I'm worry that once I cheat, I won't go back!!

May 28th 2011
Mills asked a question:

Cheat day, let go and get on with it?

Hi folks, I started the SCD this week - three days in (this is day 4!) and 5.5 lbs down already (although I did have a bit of a blow out last weekend knowing I was starting, so may have been a li...

May 28th 2011