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Don't use the flavored option, too much sugar, but the plain variation is fine as far I can see, only 50 calories and packed with electrolytes - I...

Oct 9th 2012
magida commented on LauraCox's reply:

Great, so what's a good bar to have if you are on the slow-carb diet?

Sep 14th 2011
magida commented on LauraCox's question:

This all makes perfect sense so now I am just trying to choose which one to buy...from Australia - can you please let me know which of those liste...

Jun 14th 2011

Oh wow that sounds sooo appetizing, NOT! ha ha. What do you mean it's not forever? This is supposed to be a new lifestyle for me so I thought th...

Jun 14th 2011
magida commented on popilov's reply:

Some of you are saying whey is ok others say it's not, confused which is it?!!

Jun 1st 2011
magida commented on mollusk's reply:

Thanks mate some great advice! So can I have this for Bfast when on the run or is this just a pre or post workout thing? Also am I buying whey or ...

Jun 1st 2011
magida commented on Rano_pano's reply:

Thanks, it's a shame coz I enjoy chick peas the most and my mum cooks some great meals with them! Yep I have soya beans sometimes too - so just wa...

May 30th 2011
May 29th 2011
magida commented on kcsportsdoc's reply:

Hi thanks so much for the info it was very useful. I have just a few more q's just to clarify my understanding. I read the stretches recommended ...

May 29th 2011
magida asked a question:

Substitue for pinto or black beans?

Being from Australia the supermarkets here do not stock black beans or pinto beans in the can, you can only buy them raw from specialty stores. Can you please suggest the best substitutes? Curre...

May 28th 2011
magida asked a question:

Breakfast options > unflavoured protein shake?!

So Tim mentions protein shakes as a quick & easy breakfast option but he specifcially says 'unflavoured' - anyone know why unflavoured and how do you have it - just with water or mixed with so...

May 28th 2011
magida asked a question:

Pre & post workout stretches

Hi all, can anyone clarify what stretches (how many and for how long) we should be doing before & after each workout? I am just starting out with the basic kettlebell, flying dog, plank, cat...

May 26th 2011