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Hi Refried beans are fairly simple, I've used onion and I think it's OK to include in the SCD. 500g dried pinto beans 1 medium onion 1-2 cloves ...

Jun 20th 2011
BoardingRobbie asked a question:

Progress update with graph and pics

Thought people might be interested to see my progress. I started the full regime and recording the results on May 2nd, having dabbled a bit before. Starting weight 75.5 kg (166.1lbs) 21.5% body f...

Jun 18th 2011

Well, I've cut out protein shakes and bars and also replaced ketchup with tabasco. I'm now down to 71.7 kg (or I was before cheat day on saturday...

Jun 13th 2011

As a quick update, I've decided from today to cut out protein bars and not have whey protein post workout, to see if it makes a difference. I'm gu...

Jun 1st 2011
BoardingRobbie asked a question:

Am I losing enough weight? Roughly 0.5-1kg per week

Hi everyone. Apologies in advance for the length. I'm following SCD and have just finished my 4th week. I started at 75.5kg and I'm now down to 73kg, Other people on here seem to be losing loads...

Jun 1st 2011

Yeah that seems like the only obvious answer. Just strange that as I'm right handed, my weaker left arm would be bigger. I read earlier that it...

May 19th 2011
BoardingRobbie asked a question:

Dominant bicep smaller than subordinate

Hey guys I've been doing SCD and 4HB for 3 weeks now and noticed earlier that my weaker arm (left) bicep is now almost a half inch bigger than my right. It's noticeable to look at and seems weird...

May 19th 2011